Running Out of Storage Space on Your Phone? Try These Tips!

I am really bad about emptying the trash on my computer. So I understand that tidying up the apps on your phone may not be high on your priority list as a college student. But I’ve also been in that spot when I get the storage space running out alert on my phone, and it won’t let me take a picture. That is super not cool.

Improve your phone's storage space with our tips. (Credit: How-To Geek)

Improve your phone’s storage space with our tips. (Credit: How-To Geek)

Read on for some life hacks to manage your phone apps and ensure that you always have extra storage on whatever mobile device you can’t live without.

Checking for extra storage space

Depending on your level of tech savviness, you may already know how to check to see if you are about to max out your storage space. But just in case, here are links for Apple devices and one for Android that can help you out. This can help you figure out in advance what your problem apps may be, before you receive the dreaded storage space running out alert.

Now if you have gotten that horrible message saying you have no extra storage space left, here’s what you should do first—back up your photos. Photos are almost always where your storage space is getting sucked up. No life hack list would be complete without telling you to find a photo storage site to download your images to pronto and then get to deleting.

Other life hacks to try

If photos aren’t your problem, here’s what I suggest next in your quest to find extra storage on your mobile device:

  • In manage storage, look for apps with large “document and data” requirements, delete and re-install these.
  • Got burst photos? Find the best one and keep it; delete the rest.
  • Clean up your web browsing history—Settings > Safari > Clear History and Browsing data, Advanced.
  • Change your text settings to keep them only for 30 days.
  • Disable your photo stream.
  • Turn off any app notifications that you can.
  • Delete old voicemails and podcasts.
  • Only keep the music you listen to. If you use Spotify, select disable Available Offline for any playlists you can live without.

A sneaky life hack for movie downloads

Stuck with only a 16GB device? Then you know that downloading videos can make your poor phone’s storage freak out. I’ve uncovered a possible life hack that can assist you if you have an iPhone, providing a work around for the storage space running out message. I don’t pretend to quite understand how this works, but it should give you a bit more extra storage without you having to delete anything.

Start by checking your settings page for your available storage. Then try to rent a movie on iTunes that has a bigger file size than the space you have left. (Don’t worry, you won’t actually be renting the movie, because you don’t have enough storage!) When you select the button to rent the movie, you should get a message that says “Cannot Download.” You have two options at this point, to click on “Ok” or “Settings.” Pick “Settings.” Now look at the available storage on your phone — it should have gone up.

The best guess I’ve found for why this works is that your phone automatically deletes information from apps that isn’t necessary, to try and make room for the movie. But if it works, who cares how, right?

Do you have any life hacks for your phone when the storage space is running out? Let us know in the comments.

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