7 Ways to Turn Stress into Success

It’s the end of the semester. You’re tired. All you’re thinking about is back home, or the beach, or anything but studying. But alas, it’s not summer yet, and there are still projects to do, papers to be written and tests to be taken.

So here’s my advice, student to student, on how to turn your burnout into motivation.

1. Find Inspiration

I love following pretty Instagrams, reading magazines and articles about successful people, talking to graduated students or adults that are doing what I plan on doing. Seeing other people that have failed and succeeded motivate me to want to become them.

2. Narrow Down Your Goals

And tell yourself that you want it! It’s all in your head, if you tell yourself you want something bad enough you can do it. By narrowing down what is important and prioritizing what needs to be done first, you can see the goal and envision a path towards it. By thinking about the bigger picture, smaller goals seem more feasible.

3. Tell Everyone!

By publicly admitting your goal, via social media, post it on your wall, tell your friend or mom, you have an outward source of motivation. Then you not only have to prove it to yourself, but others too.

4. Get Organized

My favorite thing to do is plan. I have a humongous planner where I list my everyday tasks and goals, so that it’s there for me to visualize, and be reminded daily. Aside from planning and scheduling, I find cleaning or re-organizing my room good for the mind and the body! Less clutter on the outside means less clutter on the inside.

5. Think Positively

Surround yourself in it, happy people, pretty places, positive decor. Think of how happy you will be when all you have to do gets done, and you can relax and not worry about a thing! Think of the benefits succeeding will get you. Let go of all negativity, and tell yourself you will do it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

6. Take Care Of Yourself

And of course, listen to your body. Don’t overwhelm yourself, get eight hours of sleep, and maintain a healthy diet. Although I myself am an avid coffee fanatic, caffeine is not always the answer. Exercise, drink water and allow yourself down time with friends or family, or…

7. Netflix!

Don’t forget to reward yourself. After all your hard work is done, you can relax. When you finish all you need to, you deserve those tickets you’ve been wanting, that ice cream you’ve been craving or the nap you’ve deprived yourself of. And from one college student to another, good luck the rest of the semester, and for finals!

How else do you find ways to relax and relieve stress? Share them with us in the comments.


Rebecca Caro is a first year student at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently studying in the field of actuarial science and is part of FSU’s Honor Program, as well as a variety of clubs including the Women in Science, Math, and Engineering club. Although she takes academics very seriously, she spends her free time in a dance studio, at the gym and at the local library. She takes her physical and mental health seriously as well, and loves to take care of her body and mind. She has worked with children in the past for three years, and has enjoyed doing so. She also loves to help others and better herself – she is excited to achieve this in the future with Cengage.

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