College Bucket List: 10 Things Grads Wish They Did in College

If you’re in the thick of finals it may seem hard to believe, but someday, after your college graduation, you’ll look back on your college years with fondness. Will you regret that you didn’t make the most of your time in college? I hope not.

As you approach your senior year, why not make a bucket list of things you want to be sure to do before you join the ranks of the employed?

Bucket list ideas

Some experiences are synonymous with being in college. Take a look at this list that I gathered from recent grads and see if you want to make memories around them.

  • Spring break destinations: Many college students attend at least one spring break in Mexico or in Florida. What exotic locale do you want to paste into your memory book?
  • Study abroad: You may have to try more than once to get into a study abroad program, but believe me, it’s worth it.
  • Read: You think it’s hard to fit in reading time now? Wait till you’re working a 40-plus hour week. Be sure to take the time now to read all those classics and best-sellers that make up the heart of our culture.
  • Take that one class: Is there a particular class or professor who you keep hearing other people rave about? If you think that it might be exciting to take that class, be sure to fit it in.
  • Manage money better: If you need to take a class on managing money, do it. The sooner you learn how to spend, save and invest, the better.
  • Internship: Get a taste of working in the real world without all the risk. Side benefits include making professional connections and adding pizzazz to your resume.
  • Learn a new language: Chances are there are students on your campus who are from another country. What languages do they speak? Use this opportunity to take up a new language and start hanging out with those students.
  • Explore: There are probably plenty of things that you’re interested in but don’t apply to your major. Find a way to take classes on them anyway. It will expand your awareness and make you a more rounded person. You might even find a new passion that leads your career in another direction.
  • Challenge yourself: Recently, political conservative Ann Coulter canceled her speech at UC Berkeley campus because of student backlash. It seems to me that colleges should be a place where you’re willing to explore all sorts of ideas and opinions. How else will you learn about them? It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone. Even Senator Bernie Sanders supported Coulter’s right to speak.
  • Be silly: Every time I watch the movie Animal House, I have a small pang of regret that I was never in a food fight. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or cause damage, try to have at least one crazy experience during your college years. You can probably start by slathering your body in your school colors and making a fool of yourself supporting your team at its next game.

Additional advice

An article on the Harvard University Student Blog listed “Things I Wish I’d Done,” including participating in a theatrical production and volunteering more often.

Jordan Sok presented her list of “7 Things I Wish I Did in College” for her blog. The list included living on campus all four years and initiating more friendships.

Perhaps Taylor Dickson summed it up best in her post for, “What I Wish I Did in College.” Dickson wrote, “My advice to anyone in college is to do everything. Meet everyone, forget crappy people, get drunk on a Tuesday and run through the fountain.”

What’s on your college bucket list? Tell us in the comments.

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