The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Courses

So, it’s summer. Spring semester is finally over, and now you have choices of what you can do for the next three months: catch up or take summer courses, get a summer job, travel, or even just take the time to relax at home.

If you’re like me and are required to take summer courses, there are some things you should know before registering.

Do consider other schools

Personally, I intend on maintaining my summer job and taking summer courses at my local college this summer. If you plan on doing so, make sure you check your home school’s requirements. Specific colleges do not allow certain classes to be taken elsewhere, or will ask you to submit a transient application.

Don’t forget to look into expenses

Certain scholarships or financial aid do not cover college courses, so you may have to pay out of pocket or look into finding other scholarships. Also consider some charge additional fees if you intend on taking online classes.

Do balance your workload

Although you may be confident in taking 9 credits now, when your friends invite you to the beach you’re going to be bummer about studying for two or three tests. I know my school requires 9 credits taken during a summer term, but they don’t have to be taken during one single term. You’ve got three summers before you graduate in the spring if that’s what you’re on track for, so if you want to do one 3-credit class this summer, go for it!

Don’t expect it to be easier

Whether it’s taking vacations or getting a part time job, plan to be busy, but also plan for study time. You will still have to take tests and do homework, but a good tip is if you know you have certain days off, get ahead on your classes.

Do get prerequisites out of the way

Most likely, you’re going to the school you chose because it excels in your major. So, why waste credits on basic courses? Get them out of the way during the summer. Usually they’re easy to begin with, so taking an easier course during the summer still allows for some freedom.

Don’t forget to have fun

It is summer, after all! While getting ahead on your education and your career is fantastic, you’re only human, and you need a break every now and again.

Does your school require summer credits? Are you planning on taking summer courses?


Rebecca Caro is a first year student at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently studying in the field of actuarial science and is part of FSU’s Honor Program, as well as a variety of clubs including the Women in Science, Math, and Engineering club. Although she takes academics very seriously, she spends her free time in a dance studio, at the gym, and at the local library. She takes her physical and mental health seriously as well, and loves to take care of her body and mind. She has worked with children in the past for three years, and has enjoyed doing so. She also loves to help others and better herself – she is excited to achieve this in the future with Cengage.

4 replies
  1. Destiny Woodhouse says:

    Hey Rebecca, awesome blog post! I love reading blogs written by you! I have never taken a summer course . I really do love the feedback though, I had never thought about anything, but how expensive it is. You are a rockstar! Keep writing!


    Great blog post! I never took summer courses during my first degree so unfortunately it took me a whole extra year to finish, so instead of 4 years, 5! So it’s always good to take summer courses if you can! I didn’t get financial aid during the summer so I could afford to take them but most students will or can save, so if they can I say go for it! Awesome advice!

  3. Shaloun Mims says:

    Great Post! Summer Classes Can Be Very Expensive, And I Think Some Students Tend To Forget That. Great Way Of Filling Us In On Summer School!

  4. Jeff says:

    Rebecca, this is awesome because I am taking two summer classes right now! They are both prerequisites so I am trying to get them out of the way before my next semesters in the fall when I have to take other classes that require me to finish these first. This had a lot of great ideas for summer classes, thank you!


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