3 Time Management Tips Every College Student Needs

If you’re like me, your life in college is crazy and time management is non-existent. You’ve probably heard the saying, “good grades, health, and friends, you get to pick two.” Sometimes it feels like I don’t even get to pick one of those things let alone two of them. I’m a student athlete who is expected to maintain a high GPA while spending 20 hours per week training.

I also need to fit in my student ambassador job for Cengage, my friends and girlfriend, and 8 hours of sleep each night (or at least I attempt to sleep that long). I’m not great at math, but those numbers don’t always add up. Here are tricks I use to manage my time better.

1. Prepare for the whole day

Trips back and forth to your dorm or apartment multiple times per day add up. Your first time management tip includes packing a bag in preparation to be gone the whole day. When you can go straight from activity to activity you save yourself a lot of time and energy. For me this means I need to pack clothes to train in, and clothes to change into after I work out so I can go right to the library to study after practice. Always remember, it’s never worth packing a bag full of dirty clothes, no one wants to sit through English lectures with smelly gym bags right in front of them, always pack clean clothes when you bring a bag to class!

2. Know your time limitations

There’s nothing worse than having a friend who bails on plans all the time, so knowing your time limitations will help you in the long run with time management. I know I can’t commit to a lot of extra things like recreational sports because my schedule doesn’t allow it. At a certain point, you just need to make decisions about what’s important to you over other things. If you stretch your schedule too thin you will miss out on the fullness of a handful of activities just because you are running around trying to do everything.

3. Make time for adventures

Getting good grades is very important, so is maintaining good sleep and proper nutrition. However, as every person who has graduated college will tell you, we’re living in the glory days right now. These are the days you are going to reminisce about in 20 years, so make the most of your opportunities! Take a spontaneous camping trip with your friends, drive 10 hours overnight on a whim to surprise your friend’s sister who just had her baby (a true story for another blog), or get a great job with a company like Cengage (we can always use more ambassadors)! Don’t allow awesome memories to slip through your fingers at this point in life.

It’s okay to have a busy schedule, it’s okay to have a relaxed one too, just learn to manage your time responsibly and you will have an even better college experience. Above all else, social media and “just one more episode” on Netflix can wait, put down your phone and go enjoy the world!

How are your time management skills in college? Tell us in the comments below!


Jeff is pursuing a business finance degree at Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, VA, where he runs NCAA Division 1 track as a sprinter. Jeff has been running track for the last eight years. He’s a representative from his track team on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for Liberty University, where there are only two representatives from each team. He plans to pursue a career as a financial business consultant after graduating college.

When Jeff is not studying or training for track, he’s an avid reader and enjoys outdoor adventures with friends such as hiking, climbing and camping. Jeff is a very outgoing person and has no trouble starting a conversation with new people. He loves sharing what he’s passionate about with other students, which is why he decided to pursue a job where he can interact with a lot of people. Jeff is excited to have the opportunity to join the Cengage team and represent this software on Liberty’s campus.

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