Make a MAJOR Career Decision this Summer

Do you feel like you have no idea what your future might hold? You’re not alone, up to 50 percent of students who enter college have undecided majors, and an even bigger percent of students change their major at least once.

Here are some helpful tips to help you decide on a career.


Volunteering is a great way to test ideas for your future career, through it I found my dream job! I volunteered at three different places before I found my calling. Even if a company does not have a specific volunteer program you should still get in contact with them to ask if you can volunteer there. A lot of companies love having volunteers come!

Career quiz

At first, I thought personality quizzes were a waste of time. I believed they just gave you information you wanted to hear. Now, I know they provide you with multiple options of careers you could pursue. My quiz was shockingly accurate about me. The results told me I could potentially work in public relations; I completely agree since I am pursuing an education degree. Do take your results with some caution though. My sister’s quiz told her she should be a gardener; she doesn’t even know how to water a cactus. Thank goodness, she decided to major in marketing!

Job Shadow

Job shadowing is completely different then volunteering. Volunteering is more hands on, while job shadowing puts you in the shoes of the career. I shadowed my elementary school principal and got to sit in on meetings, ask a lot of questions, and the principal provided me with a significant amount of information on what having her job is like. I highly recommend job shadowing in a career you are considering pursuing.

Talk with someone in your career field

Technology has come so far, why not use it to your advantage? Use it to connect with people in fields you find interesting. Find employees or businesses through LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter to reach out to. Ask those companies if you can meet with them, or shadow someone for a day. One small gesture can go a long way.

Career center

Another great resource for students to use is their college’s career center—they’re even open over the summer! I would recommend going to your career center with a list of prepared questions. They have all sorts of information and are always willing to help students.

College Class – professional exploration

Check with your college to see if they offer a career exploration class. You can take this class over the summer or in the fall semester. This course walks you through career quizzes, explores different possible career paths and has people from different careers come in and talk about what they do.

For the students who have not decided on what major to pursue for the future, I hope you use one of these six pieces of advice. I did five of these things on this list before I felt confident to pursue a degree in Teaching. Take your time deciding what you want to do, you will probably be doing this the rest of your life!

Comment below which ideas helped you decide on your future career!


Jennifer is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri State University. After graduating in Spring 2018, she plans on furthering her education to earn a master’s degree in Administration. Her career goal is to become an elementary school principal or open up her own preschool. Jennifer is excited to work at Cengage as a Student Ambassador!

Jennifer has a very outgoing personality! She has a heart for animals, loves spending time with her family and loves to be involved in organizations on campus. She is currently an honored member of Centennial Leaders (a highly competitive leadership organization), Senator on the sustainability committee for the Student Government Association, and Vice President of the Animal Rights Club (a club founded by her and her sister). Jennifer commutes from home because she loves every minute being with her family. She goes on many different memorable adventures with her family. Being connected on campus and helping other students are two of Jennifer’s biggest passions, which make her a great asset to the Cengage family!

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