Ways to Make Money in College: 4 Apps That Pay You Back

How many times have you unlocked your phone today? Did you get paid for it? It is time to start a new trend with money-earning apps like ShopKicks, Adme, Slidejoy and S’more!

You don’t want to miss out on “easy money” with your phone through these four easy-to-use apps.

ShopKicks: Participate in scavenger hunts in local stores

Earning points is as easy as one, two, three. 1) Earn points simply by having this app open when you walk through the door. 2) Scan the barcodes of certain products in the store. 3) Buy specific products and scan your receipt after you check out. Earning cash is that easy! Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them for awesome products including gift cards to your favorite stores. I’ve made about $70 worth of gift cards on ShopKicks and I don’t go shopping very often, so you shop-o-holics out there will do great with this one.

Adme: Rent your phone screen

With this app, companies pay you 10 cents per day to just to place ads on your lock screen. It’s that simple. Adme also has other offers to earn money such as downloading games or friend referrals for extra bonuses, and once you earn those points Adme pays you back through PayPal. This is an effortless way to earn cash over time.

Slidejoy: Miscellaneous cash opportunities

Slidejoy has a lot of different ways to earn points. If you use Slidejoy as your lock screen you can receive points every time you unlock your phone! You can earn points by downloading certain games and achieving a required level on those games, or you can take surveys while using their app. Some surveys are as short as 5 minutes long, and some can get as long as 30 minutes. Slidejoy is an awesome app to earn points and cash at your own pace.

S’more: Surveys and your lock screen

You can earn ten points per day, every day just for using S’more as your lock screen. I started using this app in December and I have already accumulated $14.50, you can use those points to buy Amazon gift cards!

I have personally used all of these apps and I haven’t had problems with any them. I am using three lock screen apps all at one time and it isn’t a burden at all, plus earning money every day makes it worth it. So far I have earned over $100 using these apps just this year! Since you already use your phone every day, why not make money at the same time?

Comment below with any great apps we might have missed!

*This is not a paid endorsement*


Jennifer is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri State University. After graduating in Spring 2018, she plans on furthering her education to earn a master’s degree in Administration. Her career goal is to become an elementary school principal or open up her own preschool. Jennifer is excited to work at Cengage as a Student Ambassador!

Jennifer has a very outgoing personality! She has a heart for animals, loves spending time with her family and loves to be involved in organizations on campus. She is currently an honored member of Centennial Leaders (a highly competitive leadership organization), Senator on the sustainability committee for the Student Government Association, and Vice President of the Animal Rights Club (a club founded by her and her sister). Jennifer commutes from home because she loves every minute being with her family. She goes on many different memorable adventures with her family. Being connected on campus and helping other students are two of Jennifer’s biggest passions, which make her a great asset to the Cengage family!

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