10 Things I Learned From Being A Student Athlete

College is a place to learn. You can look at almost every major your college provides and get a ballpark understanding of the things you will learn in each major. Often, as was the case for me, you learn the most from the situations you experience in college. I’m a student athlete, and I believe my experiences with training and competing have taught me just as much as my college classes have.

Here are ten things I learned from being a student athlete:

1. Getting perfect grades isn’t the most important thing

There are countless interviews online of the most successful people in the world about why they won’t even look at a GPA. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, these men all have standards for their employees but they would rather hire someone who’s more involved.

2. Everything worth doing takes hard work

Success is not going to be handed to you, it’s your job to go out and work for what you want to accomplish.

3. Find genuine friends

Find a great group of friends who love you for who you are. Always be open to new friends, but find a solid group of friends you can always go to.

4. Find a mentor

For me it was a coach, it could be a professor, a boss or a parent. Get someone in your life who’s wiser and older than you to help make the big decisions.

5. You can’t please everyone

Don’t waste your life trying to please people, it’ll never work! Do what makes you happy.

6. Lean on friends for support

You don’t need to be alone in hard situations, your friends are there to help.

7. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it

Don’t listen to people who tell you things are impossible. Nothing is impossible with hard work and determination.

8. Get your work done ahead of time

If you get your work done early, you’ll have time to relax and do what you want. Putting off homework is never a good idea.

9. Make time to get away periodically

If homework is bogging you down, take an afternoon or evening to get away from school. Forget about all the work you have to do and clear your head. When you come back you’ll find it easier to focus.

10. Enjoy the time you have now

Realize you’re living in the glory days right now! Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to make memories.

What’s one thing your college experience has taught you? Share it with us in the comments below!


Jeff is pursuing a business finance degree at Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, VA, where he runs NCAA Division 1 track as a sprinter. Jeff has been running track for the last eight years. He is a representative from his track team on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for Liberty University, where there are only two representatives from each team. He plans to pursue a career as a financial business consultant after graduating college.

When Jeff is not studying or training for track, he is an avid reader and enjoys outdoor adventures with friends such as hiking, climbing, and camping. Jeff is a very outgoing person and has no trouble starting a conversation with new people. He loves sharing what he is passionate about with other students, which is why he decided to pursue a job where he can interact with a lot of people. Jeff is excited to have the opportunity to join the Cengage team and represent this software on Liberty’s campus.

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