Feeling Stressed? Try These Five Things!

Hey, you’re a college student who’s stressed—you’re definitely not alone! Need some ideas to help you get through those tough moments?

Check out this list of five ideas that might just relieve the college stress you’re feeling!


As a college student, it’s hard enough to maintain your weight while maintaining a social life, good grades and staying involved. Find that time during the day to workout when you’re stressed. This will release endorphins and you’ll feel so much happier.

2. Find an animal (if you’re not afraid)

All around Miami University’s campus there are stress dogs, and even horses! Studies have shown that when you’re stressed out and you get to pet your favorite animal, your stress levels decrease and your endorphins are released.

3. Keep a positive attitude

Avoid sayings that are negative and not impactful. Sayings such as “my hands are full” will just make you even more stressed out. Stay positive and know that there’s a reward at the end of it all!

4. Give someone a hug, smile, spread positivity

If you end up spreading positivity, you’ll get it back from others. When you receive positivity from someone, you’ll feel happier and less stressed.

5. Give yourself “me” time

Everyday, you should try to set aside at least an hour for you to do your favorite thing. This is your “me” time. Whether that’s watching Netflix, working out, eating your favorite candy or just taking a nap, you should always dedicate time to yourself and focus on what makes YOU happy.

What ideas do you have on how to reduce stress? Share them in the comments! And always remember to relax…

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