Find a Job with These Top 5 Job Listing Sites

Finding a job or internship can be an extremely stressful task. I applied to well over 100 jobs and heard back from about 15, most of them being “no’s.” However, I was still able to land an internship I truly enjoy and will be able to derive value from.

Nonetheless, I wnever would’ve taken the time to apply to so many sites if I hadn’t discovered they make the process seamless and easy.

Way Up

Way Up is my favorite job board. You can make a profile to apply for certain positions with a single click. Searching by position, wage and time of year is clear and simple. Overall, it’s a visually pleasing site, and it’s easy and effective to maneuver through.

Angel List

Angel List must be my second favorite site because of its focus on startups. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or have a strong desire to directly influence a company from day one, this is the site for you. Another awesome feature is it allows you to invest in startups directly on their page as well! This is the startup hub.


Indeed is the most aesthetically displeasing, however, the sheer amount of jobs posted on here makes it one of my favorites. Indeed will help you find a job in any field, anywhere. It’s amazing how many opportunities pop up just when you google your major!


No compilation of job boards is complete without mentioning the professional social network, LinkedIn. You can be much more selective here, while linking yourself with companies and professionals you already know. If you want to rely on familiarity and past connections, LinkedIn is the move.

Built in Chicago

This last spot is for some hometown pride. Chicago is an undervalued city in almost every sense. It’s inexpensive, lively, hardworking, beautiful and its companies are very, very successful. Built in Chicago is a job board solely focused on employment in the Chicago area. Make it a point to work in Chicago even if it’s only for a few months. You’ll meet some of the brightest minds on this planet.

No matter how you go about finding a job, a job listing website can be a benefit to you. Some companies rely solely on job listing websites for most new hires. In a world where jobs are becoming harder and harder to come by, keeping as many doors open as possible is your best bet.

Are there any great job listing sites we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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