I hate my major—Is it too late to switch? What do I do?!

This question tends to race through every students mind when it comes to the end of sophomore year. You start taking your necessary classes for your major and you actually don’t like it. No need to fear, it’s not too late.

I just finished my sophomore year. Starting out I thought I wanted to do something in the Finance field – I went to Merrill Lynch and talked to a financial advisor about my IRA account. I thought it was so cool what he did and I thought it was interesting at the time!

Then I took a couple of accounting and finance courses, and good thing I did, because in my opinion…

Boring, boring, boring.

“This is so not me! What do I do!? It’s almost Junior year and now I have NO idea what I want to do with my life!”

I ended up interviewing for a couple of internships, both in Finance and Marketing. I ended up LOVING the marketing aspect of the business world. So, I went to my advisor and made sure it was okay that I switched. She said it was perfectly fine. These courses were classes I had to take anyway in the business school. She also said that if I wanted to switch the following semester it would be okay. Just take a couple classes over the summer or over winter break – there’s no need to fear!

What happens if you want to switch from business to a non-business major? That’s okay too. You usually have to take classes in every department offered at your college, and that takes up a majority of your freshman and sophomore year. There’s still plenty of time to switch your major, even if it’s the beginning of junior year. You may just have to double up on classes in the semester.

Relax; you’re on the right track! Just do what makes you happy 🙂

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