Join the Conversation on The Student Pulse Podcast!

The rumors are true—Cengage has a podcast! Hosted by two college students—Brandon and Natalie—they discuss and interview students around the country on all things “college”.

Tune in to The Student Pulse podcast—we suggest you bookmark this page now 🙂

What’s in store for the first Student Pulse

Upperclassmen—you know there are things you wish you’d done your freshman year. See how your answers compare with the students who were interviewed. And our incoming freshmen—let’s just say it can’t hurt to listen to your superiors this time around.

So, are you ready for a pulse check?

Check out our first podcast, Episode 1: Words of Wisdom: Travel Back to Freshman Year

Brandon and Natalie discuss lots of tips in this episode—everything from time management to being open to new experiences and things. Speaking of trying new things, in this episode, Natalie discusses how trying a course outside her major led to a new major and future career choice! Tweet us at @cengagebrain with Natalie’s new career path and #cengagestudentpulse for your chance to win a $50 gift card!

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