Three Easy—and Yummy!—Breakfast Ideas for College Students

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Bramlett and today I’m writing about my experience recreating recipes!

For this project I decided to surprise my boyfriend by making him breakfast. I tried to recreate 3 different recipes I found on Pinterest from My cooking expertise is limited to making cereal and frozen dinners so I’m DEFINITELY a beginner, and I tried to find recipes that didn’t look too difficult!

First up, bacon-weaved breakfast tacos! My boyfriend is a huge fan of bacon and this one looked fun, so I gave it a go.

This one was surprisingly easy! I probably took a little longer than necessary to make the bacon taco shell because the weaving was a struggle, but otherwise this recipe was a success! All it requires you to do is make scrambled eggs, grate cheese, chop chives and cut avocados! Easy-peasy, and tastes great.

Find the recipe here.

Next, breakfast egg muffins!

This is actually one of my new favorite breakfast recipes! It was super easy, and all you need to do is whisk together 6 eggs, bacon bits, cheese and spinach before you pour the mixture into muffin tins. This one is nice because you can add additional ingredients if you want to change up the taste. The egg muffins also last in the refrigerator for a few days if you need a grab and go breakfast. I would highly recommend this one to anyone looking for an easy, healthy meal and doesn’t have much time for cooking!

Find the recipe here.

Last, cauliflower hash browns!

Although I loved the taste of these hash browns, I struggled with this one! Shredding the cauliflower took awhile, much longer than the website suggested (I’m a very slow cooker). Once I had my mixture of cauliflower, onions, cheese and egg, it was incredibly difficult to get the patty to stick together in the frying pan! Mine turned out so bad that I eventually just put all of my mix into the pan and cooked it while separated. If I were to make them again, I would reduce the amount of cauliflower I put in or add one more egg to help the mix stick together! However, I’m pleased with how they tasted and they’re a great alternative to potato hash browns if you’re looking to lower your carbohydrate intake!

Find the recipe here.

Altogether, the breakfast was a success! I would recommend each of these 3 recipes and will definitely be making them again.

Feel free to comment with any questions about the recipes, or post your own favorite recipes that I can try in the future!

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