Feature Friday: A Cengage Ambassador Interview from 36,000 Feet

A freshman at Santa Monica College majoring in Sociology, Francisco is one of our newest Cengage Student Ambassadors.

As we traveled back to California from the Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst annual convention in Nashville (the second half of his first experience flying, FYI), we talked about his college experience and his work as a Cengage Student Ambassador.

Connecting with Culture and Community

Francisco has enjoyed his college experience thus far, mentioning his favorite class was Western Art History. He said he originally wasn’t very knowledgeable when it comes to art, so this class taught him something new every time he went. To make the class more rigorous, the professor used a feminist lens to look at art, which was something Francisco felt was above and beyond the requirements of a lower division course—and he appreciates that. At his college, Francisco takes the same sense of culture from his favorite class and applies it to his connection to peers. He appreciates the diversity on his college campus. The value of community has been the biggest lesson Francisco has learned while in college, because he says, “I am an introverted person so it’s difficult to get to know people. It takes me a while. In college, I’ve learned that people are amazing and everything they are doing is inspiring and motivates me.” Francisco believes that all students should try to connect to one another and celebrate their cultures.

The Value of the Cengage Student Ambassador Program

Francisco’s passion for community crosses over when discussing his role as a Cengage Student Ambassador. During the interview for the ambassador position, the job was explained in detail, which excited Francisco because he knew he’d be helping his classmates make the best use of Cengage digital learning tools. When asked about the biggest issue in higher education today, it was a lack of access to digital textbooks and campus resources that he felt needed to be changed. So, being able to connect with people on campus and through the program to improve that has given Francisco a sense of pride. Furthermore, he finds joy in his work because “Getting to meet students and helping them better themselves” gives Francisco motivation to improve his school, his community and himself. Francisco has also been given opportunities he never had before like attending the Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst Convention this year where he worked at the Cengage Booth, not only recruiting students, but also working with Cengage employees and learning about their jobs.

Fun facts

  • Francisco’s Spirit Animal: A raindrop
  • His favorite movie: Fight Club, but we won’t talk about it…

What’s next?

When it comes to the next stage in Francisco’s academic career, he hopes to transfer to either UCLA, Berkley or Pomona College. One thing is certain: Francisco has the drive, tenacity and heart to take him to the next level in college and in his community.

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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