Feature Friday: Commuter Student—Future Teacher

Meet Shaloun: A commuter student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an English education major! Originally from St. Louis, MO, Shaloun and her family moved to Wisconsin when she was five years old. A go-getter, Shaloun has already had an opportunity to teach young students during an internship where she helped young learners create art.

She says she isn’t an artist but does love DIY projects: be it cooking food or home décor. Get to know our Student Ambassador Shaloun a little better below:

An Engaged Freshman

Shaloun may be a freshman but wasted no time getting involved on campus as a Cengage Student Ambassador. She told me that being in the program has helped her develop skills like networking and public speaking. However, the thing she loves most about the job most is that she gets to use her experience with MindTap to help other students succeed. Shaloun first used MindTap in her Communications class. She said that the way in which MindTap gives control to the students was beneficial—especially being able to rearrange the chapters/sections to your benefit and add your own notes right into the text. I’m certain her enthusiasm will only convince more students to fully use the product, too!

First Lessons Learned: Life

Since she’s a new college student, I had to ask about her experience and what she’s learned thus far. She told me that if she could go back to the beginning of her freshman year, she would tell herself to take her time—it’s going to be hard. Everything is going to be emotionally and physically draining. You must make decisions for yourself and take your time—whatever you’re most comfortable with. This lesson, of course, is such a great one to learn early in your academic journey!

Fun Facts:

Favorite movie or TV show? The Great Gatsby—love Leo—extremely dramatic and over the top—just like me! It doesn’t stay true to the book, but the message was the same.

What’s your spirit animal? Killer Whale—I watched Blackfish and it changed my outlook on animals and mistreatment. Orcas have an emotional part of their brain like humans. They’re the most mammal you can get.

A brand-new freshman approaches you on campus, and asks “where should I go first?” Go see an advisor because they’ll help you. I got a map from my advisor. I asked about culture. Your advisor can help you decide if you’ve chosen the right major.

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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