4 Ways to Conquer Your Mini-Mester

Taking mini-mester classes worked well for me. I could take two classes I needed to get out of the way—in the same semester! I think many people are afraid of mini-mesters because they’re fast-paced. Staying on top of your work daily will make knocking out a class in six weeks feel amazing!

Get ready to master your mini-mester.

Get ready to master your mini-mester.

Let me tell you a little more about my experience—along with some useful tips.

How to Conquer Your Mini-Mester Experience

1. Don’t Miss a Class

Missing a day or two during your mini-mester can be equivalent to missing almost a weeks’ worth of material in a regular semester. Because the class goes so fast, missing one class can put you far behind.

2. Be Proactive

Get a little bit done every day. Even if something isn’t due that day, it’s very likely to be due soon. Stay ahead of the game!

3. Seek Help

If there’s something you’re having trouble with or don’t understand, seek help right away. Talk to your instructor or ask where to go for additional help. The sooner you fully understand the material, the less likely you will be to fall behind.

4. Record Deadlines

Classes go by faster, so deadlines are closer together. Look at the syllabus when your mini-mester starts, then record homework and exam due dates. You should be doing this with every class, but it’s especially important with mini-mesters.

You’re now ready to take on your mini-mester! Have additional tips? Share them in the comments.

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