Feature Friday: Future Doctor, Motivated and Mindful Student Ambassador

Neha is a self-proclaimed math geek—and proud of it! Growing up the daughter of an engineer, she’s lived in Tennessee, Oregon, Washington and California, but made her way to Arizona, which is where she’s remained to pursue a degree in Kinesiology.

Get to know our student ambassador Neha!

Get to know our student ambassador Neha!

Currently, Neha is a Freshman, attending Arizona State University (Downtown Phoenix) and calls herself a “big math geek” who loves to figure out how stuff works. Ultimately she plans to become a Doctor of Osteopathy.

“Tapping” Into Products and Unlocking Potential

Neha became a Cengage Ambassador after using MindTap in her Intro to Health class. She loved the way Cengage puts the homework into the textbook, praising the products for being “easy to use and helpful” because she could go back and forth between the integrated notes. So, when she received the invitation to apply to be an ambassador, she jumped at the chance. Neha fell in love with the job because of the versatility of the position; she isn’t just doing one job all the time, but gets to be involved in many aspects. She also believes the job has challenged her to reach out to advisors and students—something she previously struggled with.

Listening to your body builds confidence

When it comes to learning lessons in college, Neha has learned to recognize how stress affects her body. She states, “I had anxiety attacks, my hair was bad, my health was bad. I didn’t think about going to the doctor or taking vitamins.” She firmly believes that our bodies tell us when something is wrong, but we often don’t listen. In fact, when I asked Neha what builds her confidence, she told me that when she takes care of herself in the morning (eat and shower) she feels like a better person than when she doesn’t. Her advice: Open the curtains, stretch, wash your face every morning.

Fun facts

Favorite movie TV show: Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

What is your spirit animal: A storm—I make messes. I make food. Everything’s a mess when I leave.

A brand-new freshman asks you where they should go first on campus: The bookstore. We have all the ASU swag—spirit in school is #1. Get your books, your T-shirt, your jacket, etc. It will make you happier and feel more involved on campus.

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