Feature Friday: Get to know our First Generation American, Motivated Entrepreneur Student Ambassador

If you want to be motivated to get your work done—keep reading! When I met with Michal I knew within the first few minutes that he’s a go-getter. Born in North Chicago to Polish immigrants, Michal is studying Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Michal—a sophomore—has already gotten very involved in entrepreneurship.

Learn about Cengage Student Ambassador, Michal!

Learn about Cengage Student Ambassador, Michal!

He’s the current head of marketing & strategy for the Champaign-based startup, Mesh++. They’re a hardware company that makes small, solar-powered routers. The routers can be placed anywhere and enable access in areas never before possible. Accordingly, the grand vision is to provide stable internet connectivity and educational resources to the developing world. Check out their website at meshplusplus.com!

Networking is key

Michal has taken his high energy and done his best to apply it to his work as a Cengage Student Ambassador. When asked, Michal said he originally was interested in the job to earn extra cash and learn more about the business world. However, he’s found the connection to a nationwide community a huge benefit. Michal believes that what Cengage is doing with the Ambassador program not only encourages students to help their peers access and understand programs like MindTap but also gives people an inside look at what—or who—Cengage truly cares about: the students.

Hands-on learner

As a member of the Business School, Michal is preparing himself for the business world. One of his favorite classes was the Business – Entrepreneurship course where the classroom is flipped. He told me that students first learn the necessary steps to starting a business and then go execute those plans. He believes that one-way education can be improved by having more courses with real-world application—making this class perfect!

“Students need to get out there and do hands-on work for all classes.”

Fun facts

Favorite movie or TV Show: Prison Break

What’s your spirit animal: A fox—it’s sneaky and agile

A brand-new freshman asks you where they should visit first on campus, where do you send them: The technology and entrepreneurship building; it opens students’ minds and it’s a collaborative environment.

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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  1. Aptoide says:

    This is really a very motivational article, Dianna. Thanks a lot for introducing Michal. I will follow his works. He seem to be a very passionate person. Loved his work.


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