Four Quick and Easy Recipes All College Students Should Make

Do you find yourself grubbing on food that has no nutritional value? As college students, we tend to leave healthy eating on the back burner. Get it, burner? But, we can’t survive our entire college careers on ramen noodles and hot pockets—although you might want to! It may be hard to cook a healthy meal every day, but there are quick, easy and healthy meals you can make without breaking the bank.

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

If you have access to a stove and a little bit of thyme—last pun, I promise!—you’ll be in business with these four recipes:

Caesar Salad

This recipe is very simple! For this recipe, you can buy frozen chicken that’s already grilled or raw chicken. The benefit of buying raw chicken is that it allows you to use the chicken for every recipe included in this list or whatever else you’re looking to make! Check out this delicious Caesar Salad recipe on the Betty Crocker website now.


This recipe is a little more involved—but not by much. If you bought raw chicken for your Caesar salad, use it in this recipe—or use beef—whichever you prefer. Look no further than Betty Crocker again to use as a guide for Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry.

Bam! You just made some awesome stir-fry! Add a little red pepper for some extra kick. That’ll spice up the meal without detracting from the flavor!

Buttered Noodles

Here’s the fancy recipe! If you’re having friends over for dinner or just want to indulge, try this recipe from Always feel free to add chicken, beef or seafood for extra protein!

When you’re finished, serve your fancy meal to your friends!


This is the most involved recipe—but the tastiest, IMO! It allows you to meal prep and make a lot in a short amount of time. Martha Stewart has a fun recipe you can try with beef, chicken or pork.

Make sure you let them cool before digging in! Enjoy!

What other recipes do you find fun to make with your friends? Share them in the comments!


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