It’s Sophomore Year and You Don’t Have a Major?! Don’t Worry!

Time moves so fast in college—it feels as if you have no time for yourself or time to figure out your future career! Many students change majors multiple times, and some may not have everything figured out within the first few years of college. If this applies to you, don’t fret!

Don't fret, you still have time to choose a major!

Don’t fret, you still have time to choose a major!

You’re not alone and there’s still time to figure it out. Here are a few of my tips if you’re wondering how to go about finding the perfect major:

1. Take classes that interest you. I found the major that was right for me by taking a general education requirement class I was interested in. I ended up loving it and knew it was going to be my path. Take the next year to find yourself. Do things you wouldn’t normally do—such as join a new club, volunteer around the community or get to know a professor at your university. All these small things add up and ultimately help you find your path!

2. Job shadow for any and every type of career that might suit you. Take advantage of free time and find people willing to show you around.

3. Go to career advising services at your school. You never know what someone else might see in you! If you have no clue what interests you, try speaking to a career advisor. They’ll probably ask you some questions about yourself and come up with some ideas on where to start.

4. Go to a career fair. Take advantage of the career fair your school might offer. Who knows who you might meet or what career out there might interest you until you look. You might also be able to find potential careers to shadow as well!

Let’s say you’ve tried all four tips and are still stuck without a major—what now? One idea: check out Rebecca Caro’s blog post for some useful tips. The other idea: I recommend going with your gut. If you’re someone who overthinks things, take a risk and do what you love.

Do you have any strategies for picking a major? Comment your ideas below!

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