A Message to Women in STEM

STEM education is dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A career in STEM is in demand today more than ever before—but the field has a gender imbalance that women know all too well. Being a woman in STEM myself, I’m passionate about changing the status quo.

Empower women to succeed in STEM.

After attending a women’s leadership conference at my university, I’m inspired to share the message with other women on how to “BE DARING.”

Be Bold in STEM

B – Believe in Yourself. In an industry where women are underrepresented, you must believe in yourself more than anyone else. Gender aside, believe that you can achieve success. Your attitude determines your altitude.

E – Engage in the Process. Seek out opportunities in STEM. Get involved on campus and in your community. But more importantly, be willing to create opportunities that don’t exist.

D – Dream Out Loud. Despite how impossible or wildly ambitious your dreams may seem, be brave and expose them to the world. By sharing your passion with family, friends, professors and coworkers, they can hold you accountable to finish what you started. This is a great motivator to prove women are just as capable as men to succeed.

A – Aim Higher and Never Give Up. Even when you aim higher, sometimes you’ll fall short. Sometimes you’ll achieve exactly what you aimed for—other times you’ll achieve more than what you expected. But never give up because success is never easy.

R – Resourceful and Resilient. Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome adversity in your career—and in life—enables you to embrace a challenge, learn from your mistakes and move forward with confidence. This is a powerful trait for women in STEM because being resourceful and resilient will make you a force to be reckoned with.

I – Invest in Yourself. When pursuing a career in STEM, it’s essential to be current with the most cutting-edge research and technology. Remain one step ahead by investing in new skills both in and outside the classroom. It’s equally important to invest in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And finally, invest in your future because you—and women everywhere—deserve to have a seat at the table.

N – Network to Navigate. Networking is key! Use your network to your advantage when exploring career opportunities, job searching and seeking wisdom from people who’ve “been there, done that.”

G – Grow and Go Get It. Don’t let the status quo discourage you from pursuing a career in STEM. Set goals, learn throughout the process and be daring!

Why are you pursuing a career in STEM? Share your reason with us in the comments.

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