Feature Friday: Find Vision Without Sight—One Student Ambassador’s Story

Nicole is a soon-to-be junior at Wayne State University, majoring in Dietetics. Born legally blind, life hasn’t been easy for Nicole—but she’s not one to give up. That spirit has served Nicole well through many challenges, such as when she switched schools—12 times—dating back to kindergarten.

Get to know our Student Ambassador, Nicole.

Since starting college, her struggles have mainly circulated around the inaccessibility of learning materials, an obstacle that forced her to change majors several times.

Advocating for People and Products that Help

Now pursuing a degree in Dietetics, Nicole found her calling once she realized she could help people overcome or avoid health problems. Her love of MindTap led her to become a Cengage Student Ambassador. Wanting to truly understand the diverse student experience, Cengage reached out in hopes that Nicole would help. Of course, she said yes! Since then, Nicole works as a passionate advocate for MindTap thanks to its accessibility for those who require more readily available materials—from blindness to dyslexia.

“This job has truly given me an extended ‘family’ of coworkers and friends who’ve challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and grow as a young professional.”

Blindness = Confidence

Blindness is what helped Nicole build her confidence. She thought people wouldn’t accept her when she was younger. Then, she stopped and evaluated herself. From there, she excelled in school, became social and now achieves anything she puts her mind to. She also realized she had opportunities she may never have had because of her blindness. Yes, she’s faced challenges, but who hasn’t? We all must struggle through experiences. And it’s those experiences that’ve made a difference for Nicole.

Fun Facts

Favorite recording artist: Phora—he has stories to tell.

What’s your spirit animal (it doesn’t have to be an animal): Tiger

Advice for incoming college students: Nicole admits she was a terrible freshman—skipping class all the time and procrastinating. But now, she recommends doing your homework ASAP. It’s also important to reach out to your professor and build a rapport with them. They won’t know who you are if you don’t. It makes a big difference!

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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