Feature Friday: Finding Confidence as a Student, Mentor and Family Member

Danielle is a motivated student at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in Neuroscience. When asked about her campus involvement, she told me she loves going to school and learning. Even more, Danielle loves helping other people. Danielle’s experience ranges from being a YMCA camp counselor to a SMART Club scientific mentor.

Get to know our Student Ambassador Danielle!

Being an influence to others builds her confidence—along with her desire to accomplish her goal of becoming a scientist and researching topics that could potentially help others. She also credits her mom and other family members, stating they treat her as if she’s already attained her end goal. They don’t doubt her ability to succeed, so she doesn’t either. That’s what keeps her going.

“Tap” into Study

Danielle became a Cengage Ambassador after using MindTap in her CHEM 1 course. Danielle says the study plan and practice problems made learning more enjoyable—making her want to tell other students about the program. When she received her invitation to apply, she didn’t hesitate.

“Cengage has opened my horizons in how work can be done. I’m a very independent individual with specific study methods, but Cengage has allowed me to give other methods of studying a chance.”

Danielle believes these products don’t help just one demographic. The various tools make working on assignments and homework easier for all students!

Balancing Time is Key

I was so impressed with all Danielle does, so I had to ask how she does it all. She simply said: time management.

“I get my work done, then I make sure to have fun, too.”

Danielle used to turn down offers to hang out, but she’s learned interaction with others is vital to being successful in college. In fact, as we spoke, Danielle was enthusiastic about an upcoming beach trip—a reward for all her hard work during the semester. She urges students to get their work done, but also stop and enjoy life.

Fun Facts

Favorite movie: “Lord of the Rings” and The Hobbit Trilogy

Spirit animal: Ron Swanson

A brand-new freshman asks you where they should visit first on campus, where do you send them: The SU 80 Building—this is where you find advising, financial aid, admissions, etc. Basically, all the answers you need.

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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