Feature Friday: Skyline Chili Employee Turned Cengage Student Ambassador

Meet our Student Ambassador Emily Eckes—born and raised in Mason, Ohio, and also where she completed a summer internship at the Cengage office. She attends Miami University, a family affair, as Emily’s sister recently graduated from the university as well. It’s her sister—along with her parents—who give Emily the confidence necessary to succeed. Regarding her family, Emily says, “they’ve helped shape me into the person I am today by motivating me to do better, and praising my successes.”

Emily values her parents now more than ever and wants other students to not be afraid to ask their parents or support system for help, while also stretching their wings and becoming independent. Speaking of her parents, Emily says that especially during her freshman year, her parents were her strongest supporters.

Business Major, Money-Manager

A sophomore in the Farmer Business School, Emily’s major is Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. When it comes to her coursework, Emily’s favorite course was Entrepreneurship where she learned many skills including balancing finances. She believes every student should be required to take classes like this because many don’t have the skills to handle their own finances and aren’t educated on financial topics like IRA accounts, savings and debt after college. Emily’s course also taught her the importance of understanding the global community as well—not just our community, state or country.

Unlikely Connections

Emily’s beginning with Cengage has a unique backstory. As a waitress at a local Skyline Chili—it’s a Cincinnati thing—one of her customers, a Cengage employee, recommended Emily apply for the Cengage Student Ambassador program. Once she found out what she’d be doing and it applied to her major, Emily jumped at the opportunity. She was thrilled at the chance to help students with their Cengage products on her campus and elsewhere. When asked how Cengage could continue to help students, Emily excitedly suggested:

“Create even more online learning tools for students to succeed, like virtual workbooks. I have a workbook for Econonics and I learn a lot better with it. Practice problems are the best.”

Fun Facts

Favorite movie or TV show: Thirteen Reasons Why

What’s your spirit animal (it doesn’t have to be an animal): A pig—I eat a lot when I’m stressed.

Favorite spot on campus: Dividends—the best place to eat on campus, with great salads and a piano that students can play—sometimes well, sometimes not. J

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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