Feature Friday: Student Ambassador Profile of Floridian, Math Nerd and Goal-Setter

Born and raised in Florida, Alisia Colon loves her home state and her school—University of Central Florida. As a sophomore in the Aerospace Engineering program, she’s a self-proclaimed math nerd. One of her favorite classes was Calculus II because she truly enjoys solving problems. Alisia builds confidence by setting personal goals—both short and long term.

Get to know our Student Ambassador Alisia.

Whenever she accomplishes one of these goals she gains confidence through the strength, patience and determination necessary to achieve what she set out to do.

On-the-Go Ambassador

Being a Cengage Ambassador has given Alisia a sense of pride because she knows she can help her peers navigate Cengage ebooks and MindTap. Alisia believes digital resources need to be more accessible across the board because many students like herself are always on the go. She believes Cengage is already meeting students’ needs.

“If I could have a textbook on my phone for every course—or flashcards—that would be more practical.”

After using MindTap, Alisia says Cengage exceeded her expectations and hopes that more courses utilize MindTap in the future.

More Resources and Online Tutors

What would Alisia do if she was a textbook company CEO with a blank check? She’d continue down the path Cengage is headed—redefining the way students learn. Alisia would create more online resources and continue growing the idea of the ebook. However, she’d also invest in a tutoring service for students that provides 24/7 help through chat, email or video call. Alisia wishes she had this access because finding a tutor with unlimited time is a challenge—if not impossible.

Fun Facts

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Bazinga!

Spirit Animal: A parrot because I love to fly.

A brand-new freshman asks “where’s the first place I should go?” where do you send them: The Koi pond by the honors college. They have chairs where you can sit and study. That’s the best spot to sit during finals.

Think you’d be a great fit with the Cengage Student Ambassador Program? Visit our Careers Page to apply!

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