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Maximize your college credits with a J-term study abroad

Winter break can offer you some necessary down time, and if you aren’t already on a J-term, then you’re probably getting that break right now. But J-terms can be a great way to squeeze in that foreign study abroad opportunity when you don’t have any in-semester time to spare. College students can get a lot […]

DIY plans to get outside and off campus during winter break

The semester is coming to a close. When I was an undergrad, I only had a J-term course planned for one winter break of my four years. During my other three winter breaks, I got off campus—usually by going home, since in our residential college staying over winter break was a no-go. I got a […]

Winter is coming! Life hacks for life on campus

It’s December, and winter is coming! If you live in a place of ice and snow, it’s the time of year to stock up on the types of things that will make life easier on campus. If you live in a suite, how can you make sure your toilet seat isn’t freezing first thing in […]

3 DIY holiday gifts for mom and dad

You’re in the middle of prepping for your final exams. Now’s not the time you want to be thinking about holiday shopping! But that old saying from when you were a kid—your folks will love it more if you make it yourself—is just as true now that you’re a college student. If you need to […]

DIY study kit to prep for your final exams

Final exams! Not only do you have to gear up and study for the end of the semester, but you also have to survive it. I know that I sometimes let my stress get the better of me, and it’s really important to make sure I’m taking care of myself, or I end up with […]

The coffee nap life hack: Fact or fiction?

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So when I first read about the coffee nap last week, I thought, this is one of those life hacks that’s totally proven false. But is it fact or fiction? The jury is out about whether naps are good for you or whether they […]

Clear the clutter in your dorm room with DIY organizers

I live in New England, and the seasons are definitely changing from a fairly mild, easy to clean time of year to leaf-and-mud season. Keeping the great outdoors out of your dorm room can be a challenge—and it’ll be even worse in a couple of months (or sooner!) if you live where it snows. It’s […]

Life hacks to get home safe after a college party

As midterms roll past and the holidays start to come up, it’s possible you’ll be seeing a college party surge, both on and off campus. It’s great to celebrate with friends, but it’s possible that you’re the type of person who, like me, can be uncomfortable walking home alone at night (whether it’s from a […]

Tech trends: Print vs. digital textbooks and Barnes & Noble’s new tablet

In the market for a new tablet? Rumors hinted at Barnes & Noble planning to release a new 7-inch NOOK tablet, designed to compete with the low-end price point of the bestselling Amazon Fire tablet, before the holiday shopping season. I’m a long time NOOK user, so this is exciting news for me, especially as […]

DIY Ergonomic tips for your dorm room

You’ve been studying for hours. Your back and neck are aching. All you really want is to put aside your work and crawl into bed, but that midterm isn’t going to take itself. I know I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting at my computer for far too long. I remember writing a lot of my […]