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Winter skin is the WORST – Here’s what you can do to help it

It’s that time of year again. I don’t mean the time of year when you have to keep your ice scraper handy in your car, or when you have to worry about trudging through snow (or the mud it leaves behind when it melts) across campus. No, I’m talking about the annual recurrence of dry […]

Where to find reliable sources in your own filter bubble [Hint: not Wikipedia!]

One of the great things about writing papers right now is how easy it is to type in your topic in a search engine and voila! Information, right at your fingertips! I love how quickly I can grab information on the go, just using my smart phone. But the tricky thing about all the information […]

9 do’s and don’ts for getting focused second semester

I have the hardest time getting focused after the holidays. Whatever promises I’ve made myself while I’m on vacation are much harder to put into practice once I’m back at my desk! This is doubly true for college students who have a long holiday between first and second semester–and it can be really rough if […]

Tips to declutter your desk for second semester

Confession time: my desk is a mess. I have clutter all over it: unopened mail, a pile of CD-Rs, books from my TBR pile, two-pound-weights for a little between-assignments forearm exercise, a pair of swimming goggles (which I’m not sure are even mine…). Anyway. It isn’t always like this, but right now? My desk is […]

Life hacks for cold weather on campus

Remember last year’s surprise snowmageddon? While many places were impacted, the Boston blizzard of 2015 was one for the record books. Many of my friends live in Boston, and they were snowed in for what seemed like weeks–the snow came down in February and literally didn’t finish melting until June. Cars were buried, and so […]

Cold weather DIY projects for your winter break

It may not be snowing yet–it’s going to be in the 60s all week where I live in Connecticut–but (as they say in Game of Thrones) winter is coming. If you’re looking to do some cold weather DIY projects over your winter break, take a look at some of these cozy crafts that could be […]

Getting college credits over winter break

The winter break of my sophomore year of college, I had the fantastic opportunity to get my education abroad in Venezuela. While it might be too late this year for most college students to find study abroad opportunities, there’s no need to make your winter break go to waste. There are less travel-intensive ways to […]

How to give this holiday season…just like Mark Zuckerberg!

I think all of us like to give to causes that we support; I always make sure to ramp up my year-end giving to maximize my tax deductions for the next year. There are plenty of not-for-profit groups out there that are worth contributing to. So when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he’d be donating […]

Best astronomy apps for stargazing over summer break

It’s summer break, and you see a flash across the sky. A shooting star! But what if you’re not satisfied with just wishing? I love being able to identify exactly what I’m looking at in the summer sky, and I’ve always wanted to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower, an annual August astronomical event, as it […]

From iPhone to Google: Tech trends for college students

The wait is over! The Apple iPhone 6 is out, and the buzz has hit the Internet with whether this device is far superior to its predecessors—or competitors. Meanwhile, there’s an iOS 8 upgrade, the new iCloud drive is available on PC before Mac, Microsoft has purchased Minecraft, the Oculus Rift VR headset is hitting […]