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4 ways to binge watch your favorite shows without flunking out

A few years ago, I binge-watched Eureka. All five seasons. Mostly in order. (Actually, a friend recommended I start on season 4 before going back to the earlier seasons, which in hindsight I find to be excellent advice.) It’s a truth that more viewers, and more college students, binge watch television, especially when services like […]

Should I avoid that chocolate or not?

It hit the news this week: consumer advocate group As You Sow released a survey that chocolate has more lead content than recommended. In fact, they said the lead in chocolate is nine times the amount considered safe by California law. Looking at the pile of empty candy wrappers on the corner of my desk, […]

5 ways to protect your personal information online

The recent Verizon hack may have you worried: how much personal information do you have stored where someone could hack into it? I have so many online accounts—Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other stores and banks and credit cards—that there’s a bunch of my personal information online. Even with all the privacy […]

Tech tips: Should I or should I not upgrade my desktop?

Confession: I decided last week to upgrade to Windows 10 on my Windows 7 desktop. For purposes of full understanding, my desktop is the computer where I do all my work, and where I keep all my assignments. For the most part, I do a good job of keeping everything backed up, either to the […]

Go ahead and have that cup of coffee!

Admission: I love Starbucks. I dig independent coffee shops. I brew coffee at home. I add all sorts of crazy stuff to my coffee to make it just the way I like it (sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, sometimes imitation rum extract to emulate the out-of-season Tiramisu Latte Starbucks had for awhile). Some people might say that […]

3 money saving ideas that might actually work!

It’s not easy being a poor college student. While I balance studying for classes with work study and other jobs on campus, I will still end up with a huge student loan balance to pay off after graduation. Lucky for me, my food is included in those loans, and I eat most of my meals in the cafeteria. […]

How can I get involved in student activism?

Compared to the 1960s, professors have complained that students just aren’t involved in student activism causes, they claimed. I heard this comment as recently as 2012 about modern college students. But the news is changing: according to Stacy Teicher Khadaroo in “Why college activism is soaring” for the Christian Science Monitor, the number of incoming […]

Ladies in STEM – This one’s for you

I entered college expecting to major in physics and go into a space-related field. Now I’m working towards a degree in creative writing. What happened to my career plan!? By my sophomore year, I realized I had come to college without many of the prerequisites I needed to excel in higher level sciences. (At least one of […]

Winter skin is the WORST – Here’s what you can do to help it

It’s that time of year again. I don’t mean the time of year when you have to keep your ice scraper handy in your car, or when you have to worry about trudging through snow (or the mud it leaves behind when it melts) across campus. No, I’m talking about the annual recurrence of dry […]

Where to find reliable sources in your own filter bubble [Hint: not Wikipedia!]

One of the great things about writing papers right now is how easy it is to type in your topic in a search engine and voila! Information, right at your fingertips! I love how quickly I can grab information on the go, just using my smart phone. But the tricky thing about all the information […]