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Group DIY Halloween costumes for college students

What if you’ve got your DIY Halloween costume all planned, only to find out that the best Halloween party on campus has a prize for group costumes? Luckily, most college students have a group of friends (or at least one) that they can convince into some crazy college Halloween costumes. And the great thing is […]

DIY Halloween costumes for college students

I know what you’re thinking—it’s September! It’s not time to start thinking about Halloween yet! Well, that depends on whether or not you want to be the star of every Halloween party on campus. (Or, frankly, whether you want to avoid waiting until the last minute to throw something together.) Halloween is my favorite holiday, […]

How to create a great study space for yourself

You’ve had a couple (or a few) weeks to get into your semester. Have you found that perfect study space yet? Many college students have study rooms right in the dorm, but others prefer the library. I always preferred my desk (or bed) and my laptop, but having brushed up on some study tips, I […]

DIY waterproof canvas bag (and tips to save your phone)

Have you ever gotten caught in the rain on the way to class or to your off-campus job? I remember one day I walked to the city bus, thinking my rain coat and umbrella would be enough to keep me dry. By the time I arrived at my job, my pants were soaked up to […]

9 tips to help you pass your classes this semester

If you’re overwhelmed by the first few weeks of your classes, you may be thinking “What do I need to pass my class?” If you’re ambitious, you’re thinking not about how to pass, but how to ace courses. I always aimed for the A in my classes but I didn’t always get there! Setting a […]

Do college students have to serve jury duty?

It isn’t often that a person has jury duty on the same day as Taylor Swift. I certainly wasn’t on the Nashville, TN jury she sat on, but I did serve jury duty on August 26! It’s the first time I’ve actually made it to jury duty. I’ve been called three times as a college […]

Best calendar apps for keeping track of your college schedule

I’ve converted to Google Calendar for anything that I want to give me a reminder or events I share with other friends or coworkers. But for my assignments, I still use a print calendar and write down all the important due dates. As you’re getting into fall semester, how well have you mastered your class […]

Tips for college freshmen avoiding the “red zone”

It’s the beginning of September, and you’ve likely been on campus for a week (or three). The first six weeks of college can be a big adjustment, especially for college freshmen. I’d been a relatively sheltered teen from a small town in Iowa when I started college in Western Massachusetts on a campus with a […]

3 DIY dorm projects to stop clutter before it starts

It’s almost move in day! One of the things that I hated having to do when I was in college was clean my room. It is so easy to let clutter get out of control when you’re worried about classes, papers, and whatever social crisis is happening in your circle of friends. (In my social group, […]

Top 5 things to do when getting ready for college

Before my freshman year, I remember the flurry of getting ready as I got all the supplies I’d need for my first year on my own. Incoming college students have a lot to remember to accomplish before starting their first fall semester! Along with shopping for all the stuff you need (we’ve got recommendations for what […]