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Do college students have to serve jury duty?

It isn’t often that a person has jury duty on the same day as Taylor Swift. I certainly wasn’t on the Nashville, TN jury she sat on, but I did serve jury duty on August 26! It’s the first time I’ve actually made it to jury duty. I’ve been called three times as a college […]

Best calendar apps for keeping track of your college schedule

I’ve converted to Google Calendar for anything that I want to give me a reminder or events I share with other friends or coworkers. But for my assignments, I still use a print calendar and write down all the important due dates. As you’re getting into fall semester, how well have you mastered your class […]

Tips for college freshmen avoiding the “red zone”

It’s the beginning of September, and you’ve likely been on campus for a week (or three). The first six weeks of college can be a big adjustment, especially for college freshmen. I’d been a relatively sheltered teen from a small town in Iowa when I started college in Western Massachusetts on a campus with a […]

3 DIY dorm projects to stop clutter before it starts

It’s almost move in day! One of the things that I hated having to do when I was in college was clean my room. It is so easy to let clutter get out of control when you’re worried about classes, papers, and whatever social crisis is happening in your circle of friends. (In my social group, […]

Top 5 things to do when getting ready for college

Before my freshman year, I remember the flurry of getting ready as I got all the supplies I’d need for my first year on my own. Incoming college students have a lot to remember to accomplish before starting their first fall semester! Along with shopping for all the stuff you need (we’ve got recommendations for what […]

Impress your friends with these 7 Olympics fun facts

The Rio 2016 Olympics are here! I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to the Opening Ceremonies and Olympics highlights. The modern Olympics have a long history, and in case you hit any Olympics watching parties over the next couple of weeks, it might be useful to tuck some Olympics facts, or […]

Watch the Rio Olympics online so you don’t miss a single moment!

For the most part, I don’t miss live TV; I gave it up years ago in favor of streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime or watching my favorite current shows online. But every once in awhile—say every two years—there’s an event that makes me need to figure out how to get access to live coverage. I’m […]

3 best DIY projects for your alma mater shirts

If you just graduated high school or college, you may be realizing just how many school shirts you have. Chances are, if you’re headed to college, you don’t want to wear the old high school shirts; ditto if you’re headed to a world of dress-casual employment from college. What to do with all those old […]

“You sure you want to eat that?”… 6 food safety tips for college dorms

College students’ lifestyles may not be the most hygienic regarding bacteria and germs on food and food handling. Even if you have a mini fridge, there is a chance for food borne contamination to occur. Take some common sense steps to assure food safety, eliminate food contamination and create a college dorm checklist for basic […]

Reasons to join a club or organization on your college campus

A great way to meet new people and share fun student activities is to join a club or organization on your college campus. College students learn to socialize, network and learn new things in the club or student organization, so get out and have some fun! Remember the scene in Monsters University where Mike is […]