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A Message to Women in STEM

STEM education is dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A career in STEM is in demand today more than ever before—but the field has a gender imbalance that women know all too well. Being a woman in STEM myself, I’m passionate about changing the status quo. After attending a women’s leadership conference at my […]

Misconceptions and Realities of a Gap Year

Like many of you, I spent 13 years in the public school system. For many, it’s conventional to graduate high school and pursue higher education. For me, I graduated one year early—I thought I had it all figured out. I was accepted into the university in my hometown and chose a degree that sounded best—and […]

Best Study Spots on—and off—College Campuses

Before the new school year begins, you may want to scope out the scene at your college to see where might the best study spots be. Each college student is different, which means some prefer total silence while studying and others don’t easily become distracted by noises around them. Check out our list of awesome […]

5 Things You Can Do on a Budget For Your Orlando Trip!

To many, Orlando is known for its tourism, entertainment and family fun, but to me it’s home. I have grown up here since the start of grade school, so I certainly know my way around the streets! I’ve managed to explore all of the “hot spots” without breaking the bank, so if you’re looking for […]

Heading to LA? Here Are The Best Places to Eat!

One of the hottest destinations on the west coast is Los Angeles, California. I was fortunate enough to visit here just a few weeks back, and it has been one of my favorite vacations to date! While visiting this city, I made sure to check out all of the best places to eat. If you […]

My First Year Experience as an Engineering Major

Regardless of the degree you pursue, college is a difficult experience. My first-year experience as an engineering major had its ups and downs, but ultimately I’m happy with where I am and who I’ve become. While I reflect upon the past year, you may find some similarities and differences with your own personal journey to […]

3 Tips on How to Balance School and Work

Juggling school full-time and two part-time jobs is tough work. In order to manage this balance act, I had a long road ahead of me! I had to learn the hard way, but hopefully I can share my experience with you and spare you the same learning curve I had to overcome.

Top 5 job interview tips

Being in college doesn’t only equate to studying for exams and writing research papers, but also preparing you for life in the real world once you graduate. Whether it’s for an internship or a job post-graduation, you will SOON need to be ready for a job interview. Here we offer five of our top interview […]

Overcoming a tragedy: Orlando Strong

It was Sunday morning. Tragedy struck, so at first I didn’t believe the news. I could not fathom the truth, that hate and sorrow had gained control of my city overnight. My first thoughts were that while I was fast asleep, dreaming about a better life, others were wide awake fighting for their own. Some […]