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3 things to expect from your online courses

Online courses… Depending on who you ask they are either the best or the worst way to rack up your 120 semester credits. So how can that be? How can something as trivial as an online class cause such a divide? One word. Expectations! Like everything else in life, it’s all about expectations. Online courses […]

You ask, we answer: Say what, FAFSA?!

Dear J, As if I’m not bad enough at filling out my FAFSA on time, there is a whole section asking me for my parents’ income? I asked my parents and they haven’t filed their taxes yet!? What do I do? Thx- Anthony W Anthony, Everyone is bad at timing FAFSA forms so don’t feel […]

You ask, we answer: To drop, or not to drop?

Dear J, I have this class that I HATE and want to drop, but it’s past the drop date! Should I drop it anyways and lose out on the credit and not get my money back? I don’t think I can pass this class and the professor is very demanding. I feel like I don’t […]

You ask, we answer: Sweat pants > Motivation

Dear J, This semester has come too quickly. I have zero motivation to do anything. I want to wear sweat pants to school and get by with whatever I can do to simply pass. I know that sounds bad but I’m just so burnt out! Winter sucks pretty much and New Year’s resolutions are dead! […]

You ask, we answer: Surviving your family over winter break

Dear J, What’s up with the third degree from my parents? I’m headed home for the winter break and I know it will be a barrage of questions from them and my other family members. My brain is fried from finals week, and I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE QUESTIONS! What do you suggest I do? Ah, […]

You ask, we answer: What’s with the Thanksgiving breakup?!

Hi J, I have heard rumors about Thanksgiving break being peak breakup season but I don’t know if that’s true. I’m a little worried because my high school boyfriend and I have been trying to do long distance. It’s been hard. On top of that he said we need to talk over Thanksgiving break and […]

You ask, we answer: Help me boost my motivation level!

Dear J, I literally have zero motivation. What should I do? What now, Lexi W. Hi Lexi, I get it. It’s that point in the semester where you just lose motivation to do anything.

You ask, we answer: Social media overload help!

Hi J, My roommate/friend thinks it’s okay to post crappy pictures of me on social media. Except it’s not. I’m tired of seeing shitty images of me having fun or just lounging around end up on Facebook or Instagram. I mean really? Why the hell does she need to post EVERYTHING? I mean sure some […]

You ask, we answer: I’m SO COLD! How can I warm up?

Hey J, I don’t know what’s wrong with my roommate…but he literally doesn’t get cold. And worse is that he loves having the window open. It’s cold here and I am in sweaters and my winter coat and he’s sitting over on his bed in shorts like it’s nothing. He also doesn’t want to turn […]

You ask, we answer: College group project problems

Hey J, I’m in this group project right now and this one kid, we’ll call him Jacob, is being a total slacker. He doesn’t respond to emails, texts, or phone calls. I have talked with him about it and he says that he doesn’t see the messages or that he didn’t know what he was […]