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You ask, we answer: What can I do about summer class blues?!

Dear J, I just started a summer class and I’m bummed because I thought there would be more cool people to meet but honestly, the halls are pretty empty. How can I make friends in summer classes? Lonely, Sara Hey Sara, I’ll be your friend! I know there is nothing more frustrating than FOMO during […]

College graduation nightmares: “Enjoy the trip, we won’t see you next fall!”

Dear J, I graduate in 5 days and I have a feeling that I am going to fall on my face when I walk across the stage! Is this normal? What are the chances of that even happening?! Sincerely, Lexi B Dear Lexi, Not to worry, you have a better chance of catching a tomato […]

You ask, we answer: I’m skipping class! Is that okay?

Dear J, I need to skip class tomorrow. I don’t really ever do that but it is before a class where I have a paper due and I need the extra time to finish my paper! Obviously I can’t email my professor and tell her that I’m skipping class to do work on another class […]

You ask, we answer: You’re in! Into some serious conversations with the parents!

Dear J, I’m still in high school but I’m looking to attend college in the fall of 2016. The problem is, I just got my college acceptance letters and I got into all four Universities that I applied to! Sounds great, right? Well it’s not: My parents both want me to go to a certain […]

You ask, we answer: Dude, where are my papers?!

Dear J, It’s almost the end of the quarter and my professor has not given back ANY papers or assignments! Multiple classmates have emailed him and expressed the same concern but have received a response. How are we supposed to know how to improve on papers if we don’t get feedback? Give me advice! -Ariana M […]

You ask, we answer: What should I next binge watch?

J!!!! I need something new to binge watch. No, I’m not procrastinating. I’m simply scheduling my schoolwork in a way that requires my full attention and is close to when I actually need the information. Anyway, got some show suggestions? I typically like action/hero stuff. Luke Hi LUKEEE, Well, there’s a ton of stuff online […]

You ask, we answer: So, about that weird dream…

Hi J, Last night I had a weird dream about birds… Bill Hi Bill, Wait, you have those dreams too?!

You ask, we answer: My roomie has an allergy!

Dear J, My new roommate is allergic to peanuts! My favorite food to sustain life on, is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. How will I go on!?!? Even if I give up my soul food, I’m terrified that a soap/food/product I buy will have peanuts in it! What should I do? Best, Rebecca W Rebecca, […]

You ask, we answer: Don’t smash that online class just yet!

Dear J, I have my first online class this semester. While I thought it was a for sure thing, it has proven to be one of my most difficult courses. I am already behind and I don’t know what to do! I hate emailing the professor and seeming like I’m begging. Should I cut my […]

You ask, we answer: My grades are jumping off the deep end?!

Dear Jay, My grades aren’t doing so hot. I’ve had my first set of quizzes and midterms and I thought I did okay, but now I’m pretty sure my professor had to go out and buy a new set of red pens. It’s pretty bad. I should be able to pass this quarter if I […]