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Summer music festival: What (not) to bring

It’s finally summer break and that means it’s time to start hitting the summer music festivals. So many to see and so little time! So what to bring? As any summer music festival veteran will tell you, it’s not packing light, but packing savvy that could make or break your experience. So, before you get […]

Degrees that will increase college students odds of finding a job after graduation

If you’re wondering what college degree will guarantee you a job after graduation, there may not be a fool proof answer, but some degrees certainly hold their weight in gold more than others. Recent surveys show that some of the college degrees that increase your odds of finding a job after graduation are the ones […]

Basic Interview Guide: How to Score Your Ideal Job or Internship

These days, getting an interview is a feat upon itself. Competition for jobs and even internships can be fierce, so it’s important to put time and energy into preparing for the interview process in order to score your ideal job. While you may still be in college mode, keep in mind that approaching an interview […]

Awkward family conversations and how to navigate them: GPA, love life and social life

So the holidays are around the corner and you know what that means: nosy Aunt Edna and all of your well-intentioned family members will be at the dinner table anxious to grill you about your GPA, love life and social life in college. How are your grades? Are you dating anyone? What do you do […]

Top 5 tools for back to school that can make college life easier

It’s that time of year again to start getting your school supplies together for the next year. You know what you need… or do you? Notebooks? Check. Computer? Check. Index cards, calculator, erasers? Check, check, check. Besides the usual list of backpack essentials, there are other supplies that will help you get through the year […]

Top 5 ways to boost school spirits on your college campus

What’s the big deal about school spirit anyway? Maybe it’s overrated or maybe you’re secretly jealous about all the fun those peppy students are having? It’s time to try getting into the spirit, if you haven’t already. Having school spirit isn’t just about sports or the fraternity/sorority set. After all, we are a part of […]

Top 10 staycation ideas for college students in need of R&R

You’ve been studying hard all year and now you deserve some time to kick back and play! Oh right, there’s just one problem. A vacation costs money and that, my friend, as we all know, is in short supply. What’s a poor, tired student to do? Staycation! Good times can be had not far from […]

Job search tips: How social media can help make you or break you

So you’re ready to hit the electronic pavement and get moving on your job search. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. You’re all over it. Right? Well, even if you think you’ve got it in the bag, take a moment to review these job search tips on how using social media can help make you or break you […]

College student debt on the rise: Tips on how to prevent disaster

Not to further terrify those of us already dreading the college debt that’s waiting to greet us upon graduation, but according to a study released this week, college student debt is on the rise and the job market for recent grads is getting worse — not better — even as the economy improves. Say what?! […]

Best college majors to produce highest paying jobs: How to market yourself if yours isn’t on the list

If earning top dollar after graduation is your bottom line, there’s no doubt that those majoring in one field in particular will see those dollar signs ring in: Technology. According to a recent study by the National Association of College Employers, grads with degrees geared toward technology are in higher demand than ever. The need […]