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Sneaky Productivity Apps That Get It Done

I don’t know about you, but my to-do list just seems to get longer each day. Clearly, I’ll need some help to get things done on time. Goal setting helps but there are other things that you can use to stay on track. Productivity apps, for one. Let’s see what else can help us to […]

Make Income Tax Filing Easy With These 3 Tips

Part of being an adult involves filing and paying your income tax. Tax rates for college students tend to be low because their income tends to be low. Your federal tax refund may be large or small depending on income, withholding and filing status. Income tax e-filing is the safest way to file your tax […]

Your Essential DIY Guide To Organize Your Car

Between school, home, work, and social activities do you ever feel as if you live on the road? If you’re like me the inside of your car looks like a disaster with stuff scattered everywhere. How about making a New Year’s resolution to get organized and start with your car? Here are a few easy […]

Take Cell Phone Pictures Like a Pro

I am somewhat challenged when it comes to using my smart phone. Especially when it comes to mobile photography. Great pictures don’t just happen. You have to have some skills. That takes lots of practice. To learn how to take better pictures, I scoured the Internet and talked to my friends. Here’s what I found.

Relaxation techniques to keep that winter break feeling

For most college students, winter break is quickly coming to a close. Pretty soon you’ll be back to the old grind and stressing over exam schedules and term paper deadlines. How can you keep that mellow, winter break feeling when you’re back to school? There are plenty of relaxation techniques and stress relievers that are […]

Best ways to use (or not use) social media

I don’t know about you, but lately I find that I spend way too much time on social media. That would be okay if it helped me in school, starting a career or to get a job, but it’s mostly recipes and cat videos. At least I’m not hooked on games like Pokémon GO, I […]

7 ways to cultivate the art of happiness

Are you one of those people who just naturally exudes authentic happiness? I don’t know about you but I tend to be one of those people who could use a course in the art of happiness. Fortunately, there is a positive psychology movement that has been doing research to learn about what makes people happy. […]

Finals week study tips and survival skills

Finals week is almost here! Whether it’s your first experience or not, you can always improve your final exam survival skills. Time management is probably the biggest challenge. You have to find the time to study and then know how to study in the time that you have. Let’s look at some study tips that will […]

How to be a hero and fight hate crime on campus

On Wednesday, November 23, 2016, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) became the latest group to speak out against hate crime on campus. Noting a sharp increase in physical and verbal hate crimes in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, the AAUP called for support for undocumented students. How will you fight […]

Body language: How to read people like a book

Have you ever noticed how people often say one thing but do another? Understanding body language could help you to know how to spot a liar and get an idea of what a person is really thinking. College students who understand body language can adjust their own body signals so that they make a better […]