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Organization Tips and Ideas To Help You Stay Organized

With a new semester getting into high gear, college students are going to need all the help they can get to stay organized and meet all of their deadlines. Can you find all of your important supplies when you need them? How about locating that reading assignment or the research that you spent hours compiling? […]

How To Not Get In a Tax-Related Identity Theft Scam

As if filing your tax return weren’t stressful enough, now you have to worry about tax fraud and someone stealing your identity. What is identity theft? In this case, it’s when someone files a fake tax return using your identity in order to claim an income tax refund. Then your legit tax return gets rejected […]

5 Things To Do When You Owe Taxes

For many college students, living with debt is just a fact of life. But when you owe money with your federal tax return, things can get serious fast. The tax return deadline this year is April 18, 2017, and you have until then to figure out how to pay what you owe. If you don’t […]

You Blew It: Now, How To Apologize?

There comes a time in almost every relationship when you discover that you blew it. You made a big mistake or the other person thinks you did. And now your friendship/relationship is on the skids. What do you do? I say you need to apologize. But how to apologize? First, suck it up and take […]

Sneaky Productivity Apps That Get It Done

I don’t know about you, but my to-do list just seems to get longer each day. Clearly, I’ll need some help to get things done on time. Goal setting helps but there are other things that you can use to stay on track. Productivity apps, for one. Let’s see what else can help us to […]

Make Income Tax Filing Easy With These 3 Tips

Part of being an adult involves filing and paying your income tax. Tax rates for college students tend to be low because their income tends to be low. Your federal tax refund may be large or small depending on income, withholding and filing status. Income tax e-filing is the safest way to file your tax […]

Your Essential DIY Guide To Organize Your Car

Between school, home, work, and social activities do you ever feel as if you live on the road? If you’re like me the inside of your car looks like a disaster with stuff scattered everywhere. How about making a New Year’s resolution to get organized and start with your car? Here are a few easy […]

Take Cell Phone Pictures Like a Pro

I am somewhat challenged when it comes to using my smart phone. Especially when it comes to mobile photography. Great pictures don’t just happen. You have to have some skills. That takes lots of practice. To learn how to take better pictures, I scoured the Internet and talked to my friends. Here’s what I found.

Relaxation techniques to keep that winter break feeling

For most college students, winter break is quickly coming to a close. Pretty soon you’ll be back to the old grind and stressing over exam schedules and term paper deadlines. How can you keep that mellow, winter break feeling when you’re back to school? There are plenty of relaxation techniques and stress relievers that are […]

Best ways to use (or not use) social media

I don’t know about you, but lately I find that I spend way too much time on social media. That would be okay if it helped me in school, starting a career or to get a job, but it’s mostly recipes and cat videos. At least I’m not hooked on games like Pokémon GO, I […]