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How to still wear fashionable clothes on a college budget

Learning how to budget your cash is about as much fun as going on a diet. You always seem to be saying “No” to yourself. But there are ways to save when it comes to your wardrobe. With a few tricks you can still dress in fashion and be the envy of your fellow college […]

How to get the most from online research sources

It’s not even Halloween yet but you’re probably swamped with research paper assignments. Am I right? Your professors may assume that you know how to use research databases and how to find scholarly education resources to use. But the truth is that many college students struggle with doing anything more than a simple Google search. […]

Yep, it’s already time to apply for your summer internship

There will be plenty of competition for jobs after graduation so college students need to make sure that they have a resume that gets noticed. One way to do that is with an internship. Not only will you get great experience, you’ll make professional contacts and you could earn money for tuition. Even unpaid internships […]

A college roommate agreement is a great idea. Here’s why.

During your college years you’ll likely be living in some kind of a group situation; either it’s dorm life or sharing a house or apartment. Either way, college students have to find a way to get along with roommates. If you’re lucky, you get an easy roommate but living in close quarters and dealing with […]

6 tips on making new friends in college

For college students heading off for your freshman year means getting used to a whole new environment with new places and new people. It’s a chance to find yourself and to hone social skills like how to make new friends. I lived on campus my first year and dorm life brought with it a ready-made […]

Top 4 scams for college students to avoid

College is a time to learn, try new things and find your own identity. Unfortunately, others are seeking your identity, too. College students are vulnerable to all sorts of scams and types of identity theft. Just at a time in life when you’re starting to build a good credit score, scammers can derail your plans. […]

How to get organized with a planner as you head back to school

As summer winds down it’s time for college students to think about how to get organized and head back to school. My best piece of advice is investing in a planner to keep yourself organized! Assuming you’re going to be living in the dorm, you might appreciate a few organizing tips and college hacks that […]

Your first apartment: Tips for living on your own (at last!)

Getting your first apartment is an exciting but stressful time. Now you have to deal with real world issues like paying rent and living on a budget. But when college students share a space, there are other things to consider such as a roommate agreement where everyone agrees on things like chores and sharing expenses. […]

Understand political terms with your very own dictionary

Now that the Democratic Party and Republican Party have chosen their candidates the rhetoric will really heat up. I’ve been watching a lot of political commentary on TV and, wow, there are plenty of political terms to keep track of. What exactly do the candidates mean when they talk about being liberal or conservative? What […]

Every summer travel tip you will ever need to know

Like most college students, you’re going to cram as much as you can into your last month of summer before you head back to school. You may decide to travel, so I wanted to look at some safety precautions for you to keep in mind. After all, the best way to end a trip is […]