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How to use your coffee maker to cook food in your dorm

Dorm life often calls for a quick meal or snack at odd hours. What can you do when it’s too late or you’re too broke to call for take-out? Cooking your own food is the answer. As a college student, you know how to get creative with time management and meeting deadlines. Now I’m here […]

How college students can get free stuff

They say the best things in life are free. I wonder if that’s because it’s good stuff or if it’s just because it’s free? As college students, you should know how to get free stuff online and anywhere else that you can. Student free stuff is everywhere. The hunt for freebies not only pays off, […]

Do college students need recruiters to jumpstart their career?

Although the economy is recovering, you might still want some help when it comes to working the job market. Job recruiters or head hunters might come in handy as a way to jumpstart your career and help you get a job. These professionals work for companies and for placement agencies. College students should consider using […]

What college students need to know about cyber security and social media

As a college student who’s used to using social media every day you may think that you know it all about being online. But there are a few things that many college students might not know. Top of the list is Internet privacy and the dangers of cyber attacks. This issue is so important that […]

Money problems for college students: How to not get ripped off

All of your money problems would be solved if you could just make more money, right? After all, that’s why you’re in college. To get a degree and a better job. But college often means borrowing. That student loan could be the beginning of a cycle of debt that’s hard to break out of. What […]

College students: How do credit cards work and other money skills

It’s hard to believe, but I still run into other college students who don’t seem to know how credit cards work. Don’t even get me started on what they know about developing a good credit score. And understanding loan amortization? Nope! So if you’re wondering, “how do credit cards work?,” and your personal finance education […]

DIY ideas to make your own backpack, bag or tote

If you’re not intimidated by a needle and thread there are lots of great DIY ideas that you can do. For example you can make your own DIY backpack, bag or tote. I found all kinds of sewing ideas online including patterns for how to make a drawstring bag. It looks so easy I bet […]

College students: Learn how to use LinkedIn to get a job

If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time using social media. Instead of posting pictures of yourself taking jello shots, how about learning how to use LinkedIn to help you get a job after graduation? Of all the life hacks you can develop some of the best life hacks involve learning how […]

College students: DIY college survival kit ideas for every occasion

Heading off to college may be your first experience of being away from your family for an extended time. When the going gets tough, who’s going to be there to support you and soothe your hurts and fears? Well, you can do it yourself with a few handy supplies. Start now to learn how to […]

Grooming tips for college students

As the fall semester ramps up it isn’t long before the health and beauty routines of college students go right out the window. Who has time for proper grooming? But looking good is still going to help you make a good impression on fellow students and your professors. If you’re a natural beauty, cherish these […]