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Why Are College Students Required to Take a Computing Course?

I’m in my Junior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio—majoring in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I’ve learned that knowing how to use Microsoft Excel, Access and Word is very important in today’s technologically-driven business world. At Miami, all freshmen are required to take an intro to computing course called CSE 148. CSE […]

I hate my major—Is it too late to switch? What do I do?!

This question tends to race through every students mind when it comes to the end of sophomore year. You start taking your necessary classes for your major and you actually don’t like it. No need to fear, it’s not too late. I just finished my sophomore year. Starting out I thought I wanted to do […]

Feeling Stressed? Try These Five Things!

Hey, you’re a college student who’s stressed—you’re definitely not alone! Need some ideas to help you get through those tough moments? Check out this list of five ideas that might just relieve the college stress you’re feeling!

A Letter to My Future Self From My College Self…

Dear Future Me, Looking back at those past four college years, they definitely did fly by.

How to Survive College Without a Job

It’s freshman year of college. You’re so excited. You’re meeting new friends, going out to dinner—next thing you know, all that money you saved up over high school is gone… You’re now a broke college student.

You Got the Internship You Wanted! What’s Next?

It’s a week before your internship start date. You were all excited when you got the offer letter and had no worries in the world after that, but now, it’s getting close and you’re nervous. No worries, I’ve got you covered.