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Senior year—things you need to know before graduation

Whether you are closing in on your last semester of college, or you simply like to plan ahead, those last few months of senior year will go by fast and graduation day will be here. I just remember a blur of panic and packing and a ridiculously heavy load of classes for my already-checked-out brain. But […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here—Will you see it?

No, you weren’t alive when the original film hit the theaters in 1977, but unless you have been living under a rock, you know all about the original trilogy by George Lucas as well as the prequels released between 1999 and 2005. Now, from J.J. Abrams, the reboot of the beloved story is here—Star Wars: […]

How to deal with bad Christmas gifts

Think you’ve gotten some bad Christmas gifts? Well, not all packages that Santa brings can be winners. I speak from experience having once received a gift of spray counter cleaner. (Was it a comment on my cleaning ability?) But if you have been the recipient of some unwanted gifts, you will need to be up […]

Do you have a cold or flu? Things college students need to know

College campuses are like the dream environment for a cold or flu. In fact, I am pretty sure there is a sickness convention somewhere, and all the germs gather to share tips on the best places to infect people, with airplanes and colleges fighting for top honors. Fighting the flu is possible, and should you […]

Campus activism and student protests: Where social media plays a role

The recent protests at the University of Missouri and the ousting of that college’s president seems to have ignited a new wave of student protests and campus activism that is spreading. And if you think student protests are something only hippies did in the 1960s, let me tell you how wrong you are. Students at […]

Big decision time—How to change your major

Maybe you started college with your future mapped out—you had everything decided and planned, from the big decision of what you would major in to what your career and life after college would look like. But something has shifted, and you now are thinking of switching college majors. Need help or advice on how to […]

Things you need to know about how to get internships

College students need internships, right? That is the common wisdom, but there are things you need to know to make that happen — for instance, how to find internships in the first place. Or what’s the difference between paid and unpaid internships in terms of your future career prospects. Here’s the inside scoop to help […]

How to have the best Friendsgiving ever

If your plans to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your family this year just haven’t worked out (or maybe you didn’t want them to work out?), then you might be contemplating a Friendsgiving. Here’s how to make a Thanksgiving dinner in your dorm room that will truly celebrate the kickoff of the holiday season.

College paper tips to improve your writing

Crafting a good college paper (one that nets you an A+!) can be a challenge. Whether you doubt your writing skills or simply like to procrastinate (that would be my problem), here are some tips for how to improve your writing.

New rules on campus debit cards: Here’s what you need to know

The U.S. Department of Education is trying to make the financial lives of college students a little bit easier. The feds just released some new rules about campus debit cards, you know the ones that your college sponsors or is affiliated with. Why is this cool? A lot of these cards are linked to financial […]