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DNC recap: The importance of voting for college students

There were a whole host of guest speakers planned for the four days of the Democratic National Convention. Some were known political players, but for many the most memorable speeches came from the ordinary Americans slated to speak about the issues and obstacles they have faced. Why should college students care about the DNC or […]

Heading to an out-of-state college? Here are 3 ways to prepare

The Higher Education Research Institute’s annual college freshman survey found that 20 percent of college students attend a school that is 500 miles away from home. Whether that means you are going to an out-of-state college or just heading across state, it is still a long way to be from home. Beyond the basic skills […]

3 current trends in the college admission process

The college admission process can be a crazy and scary time—after all, you are basically using the next four years of your life to decide the rest of your life. Not to freak you out or anything … I know that the ins and outs of applying have changed. I’ve done some digging to find […]

How to handle helicopter parents when you head off to college

You may have heard a lot of jokes about helicopter parents, but there is definitely some truth behind the humor. If you suspect that your parents might be a little too involved in your life, there are some things you need to know about how to handle their intrusions so you can take back control […]

Free tuition at public universities? Hillary Clinton says yes

Many millennials were supporting Bernie Sanders in his bid for the democratic nomination because of his stance on offering free tuition at public universities and colleges. With Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee, these same people were feeling disappointment, thinking their hopes for a college education without giant amounts of student loan debt had been dashed. […]

4 tips to keep in mind when writing your grad school personal statement

Is grad school on your radar for after college? If so, there are some things you need to know about applying, particularly how to craft a killer personal statement. The personal statement is your opportunity to persuade the selection committee why you belong in their program, as well as your best shot for explaining any […]

How does the Brexit vote affect British universities?

Think that the Brexit vote was just some political or trade thing involving the European Union and Great Britain? Can’t imagine how it might be of interest to college students? The landmark vote may have centered on issues of trade and immigration, but it also has the potential to seriously affect college students at British […]

Combating the opioid epidemic with substance-free college dorms

The recent untimely death of music icon Prince has refocused our attention on prescription painkillers. But the problem has been a growing one for sometime, even within many colleges and universities. In fact, many university campuses have been trying to help combat the opioid epidemic by offering substance-free college dorms for students struggling with addiction. […]

Not ready for college? How about taking a gap year?

Taking a gap year has been pretty common in Great Britain for the past four or five decades, but fewer American students have opted to wait a year before starting college. That may be changing now that First Daughter Malia Obama has opted to wait a year before heading off to Harvard. Worried that you […]

How to develop coping skills as an introvert in college

What does it mean to be an introvert? I always think of it as being defined by where you get the energy you need to recharge. Do you find that being around others energizes you, or do you need time to yourself to feel like taking on the world? If you are an introvert, you […]