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The pros and cons of study abroad

College is the time to spread your wings, experience new things and explore the world, right? One way that countless college students have done all that and more is through a study abroad experience (yours truly included!). If you are considering studying overseas, you will hear a lot about the personal growth you will achieve, as well […]

Your student loan debt and the presidential candidates

The 2016 election is mere months away and the presidential candidates on both sides have been narrowed a bit. For college students, one of the big issues in this campaign cycle has been student loans. Now the latest news has a debt clock tracking the increasing student loan debt rate. The clock was created by […]

How to prepare yourself for grad school

If there is a chance that grad school is in your future, there are some things you need to know while you are still an undergrad. How to succeed in a master’s program requires some advance planning, and preparing for that possibility is something you should be thinking about sooner rather than later. Are you ready?

Pros and cons of transferring colleges

There are a lot of reasons you may be thinking of transferring colleges. But if you are weighing the pros and cons of making a switch, there are some things you need to know first. For instance, what are some good reasons to transfer and what are some reasons that you may need to reconsider? […]

The college admission process: 3 trends you should know

The college admission process can be a crazy and scary time—after all, you are basically using the next four years of your life to decide the rest of your life. Not to freak you out or anything … I know that the ins and outs of applying have changed. I’ve done some digging to find […]

5 tips to follow when improving your resume

So-called “real life” will be here before you know it, and all college students need to have a top-notch resume that will get noticed and help you find the best job. But figuring out how to promote yourself is hard even for people with long careers and years of experience, much less someone just starting […]

Nail your next job interview with these tips

Whether you are searching for your first real job, trying to find a summer internship or applying to graduate school, those interview questions you will face can be nerve wracking. One way to stay calm is to be prepared with a host of life hacks I’ve compiled from my own hard-won interview experiences (including a […]

Study and workout at the same time? Why not!

Ah… the gym—a place too many of us should go to but don’t. I know it’s way too easy for me to just roll over and get some extra sleep, rather than getting up and out to start my day with exercise. If you’re like me, you’re looking for workout tips for how to get […]

Do’s and don’ts on how to email your professor

Communication skills are a big deal, and there is no better time than the present to practice yours. When it comes to emailing your professor, there are some email etiquette tips that you need to follow to impress. Read on for all the things you need to know.

Let’s brush up on those concentration and study skills

The whole purpose of college, at least according to your parents, is for you to study hard, learn lots and start living off your own dime—or something like that. But you probably have some other ideas about how to spend your four (or so) years of higher education. I’ve got some tips that will improve concentration […]