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Looking for a little R&R this Spring Break?

The whole point of Spring Break is to enjoy a time of rest and relaxation. But almost since the idea of Spring Break began, college students have been seeking out fun ideas to make the most of their week away from classes. No matter what your budget, read on for my best suggestions for creating […]

Facebook’s Friends Day: Epic or epic fail?

Sometimes it seems like Facebook is the social media site that everyone loves to hate on. Facebook has been no stranger to controversy, and its recent efforts to celebrate the site’s 12th birthday have stirred up another doozy. The minds behind the site created Friends Day, a fake holiday, by compiling videos culled from your […]

It’s time to improve your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is about to become your new best friend when it comes to finding a job. But as a career finder, there are some tips and tricks to making the most of your profile. Unlike a resume, you can constantly update your LinkedIn profile to make the most of keywords employers are searching […]

Snow day? Here are some fun winter activities!

The gods have smiled on you, and classes are cancelled for a snow day. Whatever will you do with this bounty? What winter activities will you engage in? A cozy day beneath your fave blankie bingeing on Netflix? Perhaps you feel the call of the great outdoors. You could make a homemade sled or test […]

What you need to know about choosing classes in college

It can seem like a no brainer—choosing classes in college is about what will raise your GPA, right? Well sort of. I know it can be tempting to go for the class that will guarantee the easy A, but is that really what is best for your future plans, whether that’s a career or grad […]

How to handle a bad roommate

If you make it through college without a bad roommate horror story, count yourself lucky. My story entails a person who sublet a room from one of my apartment mates for the summer and then proceeded to steal from me—clothes, books, even a watch. No matter what the offensive behavior is, here are some tips […]

10 ways to manage time when studying for exams

So you just got through the first semester and you’re onto second semester – congrats! If you’re a freshman and still have not figured out the best way to manage your time, maybe now is the time to do so. And if you’re an upperclassman and still have no idea how to best manage time […]

Senior year—things you need to know before graduation

Whether you are closing in on your last semester of college, or you simply like to plan ahead, those last few months of senior year will go by fast and graduation day will be here. I just remember a blur of panic and packing and a ridiculously heavy load of classes for my already-checked-out brain. But […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here—Will you see it?

No, you weren’t alive when the original film hit the theaters in 1977, but unless you have been living under a rock, you know all about the original trilogy by George Lucas as well as the prequels released between 1999 and 2005. Now, from J.J. Abrams, the reboot of the beloved story is here—Star Wars: […]

How to deal with bad Christmas gifts

Think you’ve gotten some bad Christmas gifts? Well, not all packages that Santa brings can be winners. I speak from experience having once received a gift of spray counter cleaner. (Was it a comment on my cleaning ability?) But if you have been the recipient of some unwanted gifts, you will need to be up […]