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How to Revise Your Course Goals in 4 Easy Steps

Well, your fall semester is well underway—odds are it’s not going exactly as planned. Every year, students show up to school with bright eyes, hoping this will be the year they fix their GPA and get all A’s! Then something happens…and another…and another. You realize there are more A’s in the alphabet than on your […]

10 Things I Learned From Being A Student Athlete

College is a place to learn. You can look at almost every major your college provides and get a ballpark understanding of the things you will learn in each major. Often, as was the case for me, you learn the most from the situations you experience in college. I’m a student athlete, and I believe […]

3 Time Management Tips Every College Student Needs

If you’re like me, your life in college is crazy and time management is non-existent. You’ve probably heard the saying, “good grades, health, and friends, you get to pick two.” Sometimes it feels like I don’t even get to pick one of those things let alone two of them. I’m a student athlete who is […]

Summer Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts of Living at Home

College students, if you’re like me you got two things when you got home for the summer: a welcome home party and a wake-up call. If you’re so lucky you might have even gotten a cake with “Welcome Home” scribbled over an edible sugar picture of you. For those of you who did not receive […]

Why should you become a Cengage Student Ambassador?

If you are reading this then hopefully you are interested in becoming a Cengage Student Ambassador! First off let me say congratulations on taking the initiative of doing research on a potential opportunity you have in front of you. Being a Cengage Student Ambassador is an awesome experience that I have loved every second of, […]

3 organization tips for a successful college student

Let’s face it, organization is the bane of existence for any college student. However, for the unorganized student, packing your things at the end of the semester is always the best part of the year. You think you lost every single left sock, but then magically they all appear from the depths of the dirty […]

7 workout tips from a Division I athlete

Working out is a topic that everyone wants to know about, but there are so many different opinions that it is hard to know what is the right way to do things. Here are seven workout tips from my experience as a Division I athlete. This is the most basic information to keep in mind […]

A day in the life of Division I athletes

So many high school athletes dream of making it in Division I athletics. It is a dream that is certainly attainable with hard work and discipline, but most of those young athletes don’t understand what the life of a Division I athlete really looks like. So, here is what my daily routine looks like for those […]

Top 3 freshman survival tips from an upperclassman

If you are like me at all, walking into college freshman year can be one of the scariest things you will ever do, second maybe to when you get a text from your mom saying “we need to talk.” This post is from me to you about a handful of things that I wish someone […]