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Three Easy—and Yummy!—Breakfast Ideas for College Students

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Bramlett and today I’m writing about my experience recreating recipes! For this project I decided to surprise my boyfriend by making him breakfast. I tried to recreate 3 different recipes I found on Pinterest from Delish.com.

15 Fun Facts about Student Ambassador Jessica Bramlett

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Bramlett, and I’m your student ambassador from Oregon State University. Everyone has quirks or fun facts unique to themselves, so today I’m here to share a few of mine! It’s about time we embrace what makes each of us unique!

How to Cope with Hardship or Tragedy while Going to School

When tragedy happens in your life and it feels like your world is falling apart, it can seem impossible to maintain your grades, friendships and personal health. It takes all your effort just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone complete any task on your to-do list. I was in 8th grade when […]