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College life plan: 4 ways to break out of your comfort zone

College students often find college a scary place whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Everything is new, you’re independent from mom and dad, and your education depends solely on the choices you make. Playing it safe can hold you back from the wonders college offers. So here are some do-it-yourself tips to get out of […]

Disclaimer: Trigger warnings may (or may not) be unsuitable for college campuses

The topic of trigger warnings on college campuses have sparked a widespread debate across the country just recently. Seen as a trend more severe than political correctness, the college campus has become a safe zone, free of trigger warnings and microaggression. College professors on some campuses are expected to warn students about potentially discomforting material. […]

7 things to look forward to this college semester

When I moved into college, as a freshman and in later years as an upper classman, I was excited to discover all the new things I would get to see and do on the college campus. College life offers many activities and events to look forward to this college semester.

Want an alternative to college? Here are 3 ideas!

While many high school students go directly into college after graduating, others take a unique path as an alternative to college. I wish I had taken a year off so I could earn money and mature a little—fourteen years in a row of school gets mentally tiring! Here are some alternative ideas: take a two-year […]

Make the most of your senior year with these 6 tips

Back to school for your senior year is a special time for college students. It’s time to develop your college network of future contacts for jobs, participate in an internship program to jump start your career, and as always, look forward to college graduation. Here are some college tips to make the most of your […]

7 college tips for dorm moving day

Moving into the college dorm for the first time can be daunting. College students are often not sure of procedures on the college campus, what to bring, what you can leave at home and what you can buy as you need it (or forget about completely if you realize you’ll never need it). Here are […]

7 first day of college tips

My first day of college classes was daunting for me, as it is for most college students. You’re still finding your classroom buildings, navigating the college campus layout and meeting teachers and fellow students for the first time. Here are some bits of freshman advice and college tips for your first day of class.

What to know about doping in college athletics

A hot topic at this summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is doping of athletes participating in the games. The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in college sports is also a topic of concern among college athletes. The prevalence and effects of steroids are a problem in college athletics.

Affirmative action programs upheld in college admissions

Some people have argued that in the twenty-first century, there should be no more need for affirmative action programs based on race or racial quotas in college admission decisions. Others argue that racism is still prevalent in America and that affirmative action is unfortunately still a necessity as minorities continue to be discriminated against when […]

Career opportunities for an art degree

Some students think (and some parents fear) that getting an art degree means that you’ll spend your life trying to sell paintings or drawings on the sidewalk and live the stereotypical life of a “starving artist.” In actuality, college students contemplating a bachelor of fine arts, or BFA, degree have far more career opportunities open […]