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7 Tips to Stay Healthy on College Campus

College can be stressful, so that’s even more reason to follow some college tips for good health and nutrition on college campus. I know stress eating can be tempting, but trust me, these health tips will leave you feeling better about yourself and about college life.

How high school Senioritis affects GPA and college admission

“Senioritis” is an affliction that hits high school seniors during their second semester. They assume that since colleges have already accepted or rejected them in the spring, the colleges won’t know or care what grades they got in their second semester of senior year. However, college admissions do want their entire high school transcript, and […]

5 ways second semester freshman year is better

You’ve survived your first semester of college as a freshman and even came back for the second semester! You’ve learned some valuable survival techniques to navigate your academics and dorm life. But everyone says that the spring semester of freshman year is so much better than the first. Here are some college tips for making […]

6 New Year’s resolution ideas for college students

Like other people this time of year, college students are making their New Year’s resolutions for improving college life and academics and for setting goals for the New Year. Here’s are DIY suggestions for making changes for a new year.

Travel alerts hinder study abroad and international studies

Students interested in travel abroad programs, international studies and homestay trips will want to check with their colleges first. Many colleges and universities are taking the advice of the U.S. State Department’s travel alerts. They are suspending or scaling back study abroad and international programs in countries with unrest, especially in the Middle East, in […]

6 tips to reduce stress for college freshmen

For college freshmen, this time of year can be full of stress, loneliness and overwhelming feelings. You have to deal with classes, homework, social interactions, new living conditions, roommates and new independence. Too much stress and you can lose interest in schoolwork, become emotionally upset and even feel physically ill. Here are some tips to […]

4 tips on writing a college application essay

Prospective college students dread the essay portion of college admissions. But it’s important to show colleges what kind of person you are and what’s important to you. If your essay is exceptional, it will help you stand out from all the other applicants. Here are some tips on how to write your college application essay.

Should I drop a class? Reasons and consequences

College students can be overwhelmed with a difficult, uninteresting or unnecessary class. Sometimes a course doesn’t teach the right material or the teacher is nasty. Then you begin to consider withdrawing from a class. Luckily, under certain circumstances, you’re allowed to drop a class, but make sure you understand the consequences.

How to check for plagiarism on your research paper

It will soon be research paper season, and if your profs are like mine were, you’ll be hearing about the bogey of plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Many college students aren’t sure of the definition, and whether using information off the Internet for their paper is considered plagiarism. Luckily, I’ve found that it’s easy to check […]

Change or stay: 5 tips to choosing a college major

College freshmen have an important decision when choosing a college major. Your major will help decide your future career. But luckily, you don’t have to make a hard and fast decision the minute you enter college. You can wait to decide, you can change your major even if you’ve already chosen one or you can […]