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6 tips to deal with a difficult college roommate

Moving into the college dorms usually means having a roommate. Many college students won’t know much about their roommate until they have to share a dorm with them. If you’re lucky, like me, you’ll get along fine with your college roommate, but sometimes the two of you just can’t get along. Here are some college […]

College athletes and compensation: Supreme Court to decide

Student athletes and college sports are a big part of college life. We love to watch them, and we cheer on our school’s team. But despite the popularity of college basketball, football and other sports, the athletes don’t get paid like the professional athletes do. Ed O’Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player, brought the issue […]

10 do-it-yourself tips for academic goals in college

I was lucky in that I knew exactly what my personal goals were for college. But not every college student does. Figuring out what to study and how to work toward that degree several long years away can be daunting. So here are some student educational planning tips and guidelines for a do-it-yourself plan to […]

6 tips for frugal living for college students

You’re living on your own, you might have a part-time job while going to school, but money is always going to be tight. Here are some lifehack tips for cheap food and services and frugal living in college.

Cyber security tips for college students

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Colleges and universities are particularly susceptible to cyber threats and security breaches, as smartphones and tablets are more popular than ever for social media and for school work. Here are cyber security tips to maintain computer security.

College life plan: 4 ways to break out of your comfort zone

College students often find college a scary place whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Everything is new, you’re independent from mom and dad, and your education depends solely on the choices you make. Playing it safe can hold you back from the wonders college offers. So here are some do-it-yourself tips to get out of […]

Disclaimer: Trigger warnings may (or may not) be unsuitable for college campuses

The topic of trigger warnings on college campuses have sparked a widespread debate across the country just recently. Seen as a trend more severe than political correctness, the college campus has become a safe zone, free of trigger warnings and microaggression. College professors on some campuses are expected to warn students about potentially discomforting material. […]

7 things to look forward to this college semester

When I moved into college, as a freshman and in later years as an upper classman, I was excited to discover all the new things I would get to see and do on the college campus. College life offers many activities and events to look forward to this college semester.

Want an alternative to college? Here are 3 ideas!

While many high school students go directly into college after graduating, others take a unique path as an alternative to college. I wish I had taken a year off so I could earn money and mature a little—fourteen years in a row of school gets mentally tiring! Here are some alternative ideas: take a two-year […]

Make the most of your senior year with these 6 tips

Back to school for your senior year is a special time for college students. It’s time to develop your college network of future contacts for jobs, participate in an internship program to jump start your career, and as always, look forward to college graduation. Here are some college tips to make the most of your […]