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Does Skype in classrooms improve academics?

Today, college students who may need to miss a class due to illness, bad weather, family emergency or other reason can get their education from Webcam online, Skype video or other remote learning right in their college dorm or at home. Skype in the Classroom is helping students and college professors improve academics. Your college […]

Pros and cons of LLCs for college students

I know what you’re thinking… What are LLCs? A living-learning community on college campus is a residence hall or dorm room building filled with like-minded college students who are all studying the same subject. A relatively new trend in colleges across the country, these professional learning communities, also called interest-based housing, integrate intellectual and residential life. […]

7 study tips to help you ace your next exam

College students dread this time of year – midterms. It’s worse when one midterm and one final exam constitute your whole grade. But if you practice good study habits, you can excel. It just takes some common sense, prioritizing and determination. Here are some college tips on how to study effectively.

Is psychology the right major for you?

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors and often ranks at the top for most colleges and universities. College students who want to study psychology are often cultivated by schools. Yet critics say that there are too many psychology majors who have little prospect for a decent career after they graduate. Here is […]

Least valuable and hardest college majors

Here are some of the worst college majors, hardest college majors and majors that too many people are taking in relation to jobs available. But there’s a disclaimer: college students have serious choices to make when choosing a major. This list of college majors is based on various data sets calculated by number crunchers that […]

10 English grammar rules to live by

With term paper writing season just around the corner, here are 10 English grammar rules and style tips so your writing is up to snuff (that means good!). You can also use these writing tips to make your blogs, Facebook and journals more professional.

6 tips on college life from upperclassmen

I was kind of green when I started college and didn’t think to go to upperclassmen for advice. (Actually, I was a bit intimidated by them!) But if I had taken the chance, I would have learned that they are just like you and me, only with a couple of extra years of experience under […]

College campuses catering to various religions and what they’re doing

Colleges and universities are catering to the religious and cultural diversity of their college students. My college campus has a few Christian student groups, but there is nothing for other religions, which is a shame. However, more colleges are catering to students of different religions, and are offering classes or extracurricular activities for anyone who […]

5 college tips to adjust to college life

Campus life and dorm life can be difficult to adjust to. This isn’t high school any more. Here is some college freshman advice and tips for all college students who want to thrive in or adjust to college life.

Colleges and universities adapt to millennial generation

As more and more students apply to colleges and universities, these institutions are adapting to the way students search for a college and to college students’ needs once they get there. The millennial generation specifically is changing the way colleges do business and is having an effect on enrollment and on college curriculum, such as […]