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Career opportunities for an art degree

Some students think (and some parents fear) that getting an art degree means that you’ll spend your life trying to sell paintings or drawings on the sidewalk and live the stereotypical life of a “starving artist.” In actuality, college students contemplating a bachelor of fine arts, or BFA, degree have far more career opportunities open […]

Partying in college: 5 tips for college students

It’s no secret that college students often are tempted into joining their friends to party. You’re now an adult out on your own for the first time so you’re free to make your own choices, especially when it comes to going out on a random weeknight. But, it still might be helpful to recognize the dangers […]

5 DIYs to not try in college

College students like to do things for themselves. It makes you feel independent and in control of your college life. But sometimes you may not have all the information, knowledge or skill; or you may have the wrong information, and doing something yourself could get you into trouble or, unfortunately, could harm you. Here are […]

5 college tips for student athletes

Time management skills are difficult for all college students, never mind student athletes. It takes great determination and planning to address academic requirements and play sports. College athletes have hours of practice every day, training and exercising in the gym, meetings with the coach, and time away from schoolwork nights and weekends for games, many […]

Self-driving cars coming to a college campus near you!

I suppose if I can’t have a flying car yet, a self-driving car is just as good. No more are we in the realm of science-fiction or having to think of self-driving cars as playthings of the rich, famous …and brave! Now there is a company testing an autonomous car on a college campus. College […]

9 best websites for college students

There’s so much information out there to help you with college life, dorm life and social life on your college campus. How do you know where to start? Although I always start with Facebook and Twitter, there are many websites and resources to help college students muddle through. Here are some tips about a few […]

Pros and cons of single-sex college

When I started applying to colleges, I never considered an all-girls school. I felt that part of becoming an adult was learning how to communicate and work with men as well as women. But there’s a lot of debate on whether a single-sex college campus actually improves academics. Here are pros and cons of single-sex […]

Social media and technology in the classroom: Yay or nay?

Soon the days of the teachers telling college students “Put away your phones” will be gone (if they haven’t already done so). Or so some educators think, as social media is permeating the college classroom. Teachers and professors are embracing social networking and technology in the classroom to improve academics and connect with students. Both students […]

First aid kit must haves for summer (not so much) fun

When a friend and I went biking, she fell and scraped her shin on a ragged log, causing her leg to bleed profusely. We only had a handkerchief and some tissues to take care of it until we could go to the emergency room. When an injury strikes, you don’t want to wonder what you […]