Delicious Ramen Recipes You Can Make In Your Dorm Room

Okay, I’ll admit it. Once I moved into a college dorm that had its own kitchen, I did not frequent the campus Dining Hall, but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on food. Enter: ramen.

Give your ramen meals a makeover with these recipes. (Credit: Serious Eats)

Give your ramen meals a makeover with these recipes. (Credit: Serious Eats)

True, the noodles can get old if you don’t do much with them, but if you check out these DIY recipes for ramen, you’ll have a much wider variety of ways to eat on the cheap. Read more

Healthy Eating Hacks For Students On The Go

Just because you’re always on the go doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy healthy food. As a college student, it’s important to fuel your body and brain with nutritious food to give you energy and stamina. A balanced diet doesn’t always have to mean just carrots and celery.

There are plenty of delicious and easy-to-make meals that travel well. You can even stay healthy when you eat fast food if you know what to order. Read more

DIY Ideas To Spice Up Your Ramen Soup Recipes

Ramen soup is a staple food for college students. It’s dirt cheap, has some protein (but way too much salt), is really easy to cook, is a warm comforting food and is fun to eat.

Get fancy with your ramen game. (Credit: Delish)

Get fancy with your ramen game. (Credit: Delish)

Here are some DIY ideas for spicing up your boring ramen routine. Read more

7 Tips to Stay Healthy on College Campus

College can be stressful, so that’s even more reason to follow some college tips for good health and nutrition on college campus.

I know stress eating can be tempting, but trust me, these health tips will leave you feeling better about yourself and about college life. Read more

10 tips to stay healthy this winter

That crisp feeling in the air, the leaves turning colors can only mean that cold and flu season is on its way. It’s time for that flu shot but there are plenty of other things you can do to keep bugs and viruses from ruining your winter break.

Stay healthy this winter with our health tips. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Stay healthy this winter with our health tips. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Wash your hands often, eat a healthy diet and employ relaxation techniques to reduce stress. But wait, there’s more. In fact I have a whole list of ideas to help you stay healthy this winter. Read more

Financial management life hacks to make college life easier

While going to college is primarily about getting a good education, there’s a secondary education you receive from college life. I’m not talking about the social aspects—although I certainly learned a lot about encountering people with different points of view and from different backgrounds when I started college. One of the most important things I learned, though, was financial management.

I won’t say I mastered my finances in college, because being on my own and responsible for my own money for the first time wasn’t exactly a smooth experience. But I did eventually pick up some life hacks to make life easier by keeping tabs on the money I was spending. Here are some of the top financial life hacks for college students I’ve spotted lately. Read more

6 tips for frugal living for college students

You’re living on your own, you might have a part-time job while going to school, but money is always going to be tight.

Here are some lifehack tips for cheap food and services and frugal living in college. Read more

Avoid the Freshman 15 with a DIY healthy breakfast

While your mother may have been wrong about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, there is still something to starting your morning off with a healthy breakfast. But finding something that is good for you and quick and easy may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Never fear!

I have some easy DIY ideas that are perfect, especially if you want to avoid the Freshman 15. Read on for the real deal on breakfast and how to make something fast and yummy. Read more

7 workout tips from a Division I athlete

Working out is a topic that everyone wants to know about, but there are so many different opinions that it is hard to know what is the right way to do things. Here are seven workout tips from my experience as a Division I athlete.

This is the most basic information to keep in mind while you work out. Enjoy! Read more

3 life hacks to help you survive freshman year

Freshman year in college moves pretty fast. If you don’t learn some life hacks to help you survive, you might miss something. OK, I might be paraphrasing a fairly famous movie hero on that one, but it doesn’t make the sentiment any less valid.

Follow our freshman year tips for success. (Credit: University News)

Follow our freshman year tips for success. (Credit: University News)

Whether you’re just starting college, or want to do things better in your second (or third or fourth) year, I’ve got some tips that will help you adapt in a flash. Read more