Four Quick and Easy Recipes All College Students Should Make

Do you find yourself grubbing on food that has no nutritional value? As college students, we tend to leave healthy eating on the back burner. Get it, burner? But, we can’t survive our entire college careers on ramen noodles and hot pockets—although you might want to! It may be hard to cook a healthy meal every day, but there are quick, easy and healthy meals you can make without breaking the bank.

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

If you have access to a stove and a little bit of thyme—last pun, I promise!—you’ll be in business with these four recipes: Read more

6 Valentine’s Day Ideas For College Students

“Wuv, twue wuv!” So says the Impressive Clergyman in the cult favorite film The Princess Bride. Spending Valentine’s Day at college can be an exciting time.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have a crush on someone, there is so much to do and many ways you can celebrate the holiday on college campus, off campus, on a budget, with friends, or alone. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas and tips for college students. Read more

7 Tips to Stay Healthy on College Campus

College can be stressful, so that’s even more reason to follow some college tips for good health and nutrition on college campus.

I know stress eating can be tempting, but trust me, these health tips will leave you feeling better about yourself and about college life. Read more

3 DIY holiday gifts for mom and dad

You’re in the middle of prepping for your final exams. Now’s not the time you want to be thinking about holiday shopping! But that old saying from when you were a kid—your folks will love it more if you make it yourself—is just as true now that you’re a college student.

If you need to take a break from studying, give yourself a little creative fun by considering the types of DIY holiday gifts that come from the heart (and can be made on a low budget!). Read more

Life hacks to get home safe after a college party

As midterms roll past and the holidays start to come up, it’s possible you’ll be seeing a college party surge, both on and off campus. It’s great to celebrate with friends, but it’s possible that you’re the type of person who, like me, can be uncomfortable walking home alone at night (whether it’s from a social event or a late shift at a part-time job).

Public safety officials often advise against walking home alone, but that might not always be practical. Everyone wants to get home safe, regardless of the reason they’re out late, so it’s a good idea to keep a few life hacks—like the Companion app for your phone—under your hat. Read more

DIY ideas to show your school spirit

College football season is upon us, so it may be hard to escape some in-your-face displays of school spirit. Instead of fighting it, why not work up your own DIY ideas for how to dress or decorate your dorm to share your love of your school?

Read on college student for ideas on how to display your school pride as much (or as little) as you want. Read more

Financial management life hacks to make college life easier

While going to college is primarily about getting a good education, there’s a secondary education you receive from college life. I’m not talking about the social aspects—although I certainly learned a lot about encountering people with different points of view and from different backgrounds when I started college. One of the most important things I learned, though, was financial management.

I won’t say I mastered my finances in college, because being on my own and responsible for my own money for the first time wasn’t exactly a smooth experience. But I did eventually pick up some life hacks to make life easier by keeping tabs on the money I was spending. Here are some of the top financial life hacks for college students I’ve spotted lately. Read more

Group DIY Halloween costumes for college students

What if you’ve got your DIY Halloween costume all planned, only to find out that the best Halloween party on campus has a prize for group costumes? Luckily, most college students have a group of friends (or at least one) that they can convince into some crazy college Halloween costumes. And the great thing is there are plenty of team costumes you can find pieces for at thrift stores, through freecycling, and a little bit of creativity.

Pick a favorite television show or film, or come up with a really creative way to interpret candy, video games, or even parts of a hamburger, and wow Halloween party goers with your holiday style. Read more

DIY Halloween costumes for college students

I know what you’re thinking—it’s September! It’s not time to start thinking about Halloween yet! Well, that depends on whether or not you want to be the star of every Halloween party on campus. (Or, frankly, whether you want to avoid waiting until the last minute to throw something together.) Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’ve always looked forward to throwing together weird craft supplies and accessories to create something new and cool that’s reminiscent of my favorite characters.

In college, Halloween costumes shouldn’t set back your budget, and there are a lot of fun DIY Halloween costume options that don’t take a lot of money or time. Here are some ideas for college students on getting ready for the upcoming holiday. Read more

College life plan: 4 ways to break out of your comfort zone

College students often find college a scary place whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Everything is new, you’re independent from mom and dad, and your education depends solely on the choices you make.

Playing it safe can hold you back from the wonders college offers. So here are some do-it-yourself tips to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy college life. Read more