4 ways to binge watch your favorite shows without flunking out

A few years ago, I binge-watched Eureka. All five seasons. Mostly in order. (Actually, a friend recommended I start on season 4 before going back to the earlier seasons, which in hindsight I find to be excellent advice.) It’s a truth that more viewers, and more college students, binge watch television, especially when services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime actually release full seasons all at one go.

What is your favorite show to binge watch? (Credit: Geek & Sundry)

What is your favorite show to binge watch? (Credit: Geek & Sundry)

On the one hand, this is great — you don’t have to book the television in the dorm common room on a Sunday night before a big Monday test to catch the latest episode of The Walking Dead, you can stream shows on your computer whenever they fit into your schedule. The down side? If you spend too much time on a binge watch you can still flunk out. Here are some tips on binge-watching without failing your classes. Read more

Ideas on how to spice up your sneakers on campus this spring

Spring is just around the corner and soon you’ll be thinking about spring outfit ideas. One of the must haves is bound to be sneakers. They’re comfortable and affordable and can go just about anywhere.

They come in all kinds of colors but even so, you can save money by coming up with your own fashion ideas to make your sneakers stand out. Here are some cool DIY ideas for warm weather footwear. Read more

4 FAQs on student housing and studying

Whether you’re a senior or a soon-to-be freshman, it seems like there are always questions to be answered about college life. In need of some housing and studying FAQs?

What questions do you have about housing and studying? (Credit: Education USA)

What questions do you have about housing and studying? (Credit: Education USA)

Here are some frequently asked questions by college students on a variety of topics: studying tips, on-campus vs. off-campus student housing, outside reading, and the difference between colleges and universities. Read more

What college students remember about the good old days

College has changed significantly in the past few years and will continue to do so as technology evolves. University students are adapting to new devices, apps, rules and standards. As we continue to move forward, lets pay tribute to the good old days and look at the things we used to know and the way they have changed.

It’s on every syllabus we’ve ever received- 12 point Times New Roman ONLY! Is Times New Roman dead though? Read more

Pros and cons of LLCs for college students

I know what you’re thinking… What are LLCs? A living-learning community on college campus is a residence hall or dorm room building filled with like-minded college students who are all studying the same subject. A relatively new trend in colleges across the country, these professional learning communities, also called interest-based housing, integrate intellectual and residential life.

Would you like LLCs? (Credit: Manhattan College)

Would you like LLCs? (Credit: Manhattan College)

In this new approach to academics, students share a special interest, live in residential halls and take the same classes together. Read more

3 things college students have in common and how this intern can relate

There are many aspects of college life that intertwine our experiences and give us a relatable context as students.

What ideas can you offer on how college students can make money? (Credit: Freelancer.com)

What ideas can you offer on how college students can make money? (Credit: Freelancer.com)

We the students have our own sense of creed and as a student writer I have noticed a few key components to the college experience that demonstrate the fact that we are indeed, in the same boat! Read more

You ask, we answer: What should I next binge watch?


I need something new to binge watch. No, I’m not procrastinating. I’m simply scheduling my schoolwork in a way that requires my full attention and is close to when I actually need the information. Anyway, got some show suggestions? I typically like action/hero stuff.



Well, there’s a ton of stuff online that you can watch, but here’s a few top ones that you may like. They aren’t in any particular order! Read more

3 money saving ideas that might actually work!

It’s not easy being a poor college student. While I balance studying for classes with work study and other jobs on campus, I will still end up with a huge student loan balance to pay off after graduation. Lucky for me, my food is included in those loans, and I eat most of my meals in the cafeteria. But some college students aren’t so lucky, and turn to ramen noodles just to stay full.

Credit: moneyaftergraduation.com

Credit: moneyaftergraduation.com

Everyone could use some ideas to help them with how to save money (I can always use a few extra ways to make my budget go farther), but when you live in student housing and have to manage life on campus, it can be extra difficult. Take a look at these three ways to save money… you might find something that will work for you! Read more

5 snowflakes you’ll meet in college and how to shut them down

As I find myself quickly approaching college graduation this May, I can’t help but begin my final semester by asking myself the same question I always do. What’s with all of the snowflakes? In college we meet many new people and have tons of new experiences that will shape who we become and how we handle our lives.

The many types of snowflakes in class.

The many types of snowflakes in class.

Many of these people will have a great amount of influence on our lives and we will keep contact with them in the years to come. However, some will leave us unsure how they have got this far in life and when they will realize that they are not a special snowflake! Read more

Winter skin is the WORST – Here’s what you can do to help it

It’s that time of year again. I don’t mean the time of year when you have to keep your ice scraper handy in your car, or when you have to worry about trudging through snow (or the mud it leaves behind when it melts) across campus. No, I’m talking about the annual recurrence of dry winter skin. Having dry skin, especially when you have papers to write and need to spend time at the keyboard, is no fun. But here are some DIY recipes to fight winter skin.

How do you avoid dry winter skin? (Credit: California Life)

How do you avoid dry winter skin? (Credit: California Life)

Whether you need a DIY moisturizer for your hands and face or a little lip balm to keep you from getting chapped, check out these tips and see what will work for you! Read more