Prepare For Second Semester Like A Pro

The holiday break really flew by, didn’t it? I remember how quickly those weeks on the calendar counted down and before I knew it, second semester had begun. It can be hard to refocus after a long break, so having a few life hacks in your back pocket for how to prepare is a good thing.

Maybe you will be the lucky college student who will have no problem with the transition back to class, but better safe than sorry! Read more

7 Tips to Stay Healthy on College Campus

College can be stressful, so that’s even more reason to follow some college tips for good health and nutrition on college campus.

I know stress eating can be tempting, but trust me, these health tips will leave you feeling better about yourself and about college life. Read more

5 Ways to Start Spring Semester With a Bang!

Did winter break feel like it just flew by? Are you prepared for another semester? We all might need a little more time to recuperate! Regardless, a new year and a new semester is upon us and we may need a few reminders as to what makes a great semester!

Here are a few ways to start your semester off with a bang! Read more

Take Cell Phone Pictures Like a Pro

I am somewhat challenged when it comes to using my smart phone. Especially when it comes to mobile photography. Great pictures don’t just happen. You have to have some skills. That takes lots of practice.

To learn how to take better pictures, I scoured the Internet and talked to my friends. Here’s what I found. Read more

Relaxation techniques to keep that winter break feeling

For most college students, winter break is quickly coming to a close. Pretty soon you’ll be back to the old grind and stressing over exam schedules and term paper deadlines. How can you keep that mellow, winter break feeling when you’re back to school?

There are plenty of relaxation techniques and stress relievers that are easy to do. Stress relief can be as easy as doing deep breathing techniques. Let’s see what else you can do to stay relaxed. Read more

Forget about winter, second semester is coming!

By the end of winter break, you’re ready to hit the books and swing back into college life for second semester, right? I’ll admit, I can use an extra week or so to get my life back on track. But the thing about preparing for college classes second semester is that if you don’t head back to campus with a plan and enthusiasm for what comes next, you might find yourself dragging before midterms.

Here are some life hacks for making the most of the next term. Read more

How to avoid the mumps outbreak on college campuses

Think the mumps is a disease that only people from your grandparent’s generation worried about? Think again! There has been a recent mumps outbreak on multiple college campuses across the country.

Learn how to protect yourself from the mumps. (Credit: Earth Clinic)

Learn how to protect yourself from the mumps. (Credit: Earth Clinic)

The reoccurrence of this contagious disease has caught many off guard. Here’s what you need to know about how to avoid getting sick yourself. Read more

College students—DIY ways to beat the winter blues

Whether you simply prefer the warmer months or you truly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD), the winter blues can be a real thing that affects up to one out of four adults, including college students.

So if you want to fight back this year, read on for some DIY tips on how to beat the winter blues. Read more

Top 5 CengageBrain blog posts for 2016

Happy New Year, college students! While another year has passed, we decided to take a little trip down memory lane and share the most read blog posts for 2016.

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5 ways second semester freshman year is better

You’ve survived your first semester of college as a freshman and even came back for the second semester! You’ve learned some valuable survival techniques to navigate your academics and dorm life.

But everyone says that the spring semester of freshman year is so much better than the first. Here are some college tips for making your best college semester your second semester. Read more