It’s Sophomore Year and You Don’t Have a Major?! Don’t Worry!

Time moves so fast in college—it feels as if you have no time for yourself or time to figure out your future career! Many students change majors multiple times, and some may not have everything figured out within the first few years of college. If this applies to you, don’t fret!

Don't fret, you still have time to choose a major!

Don’t fret, you still have time to choose a major!

You’re not alone and there’s still time to figure it out. Here are a few of my tips if you’re wondering how to go about finding the perfect major: Read more

Feature Friday: Student Ambassador Profile of Future Speech Pathologist, Life-Changer

Erin Dougherty, a New York native now attending college at Arizona State University, says she plans to work with children once she graduates. A junior in college, Erin has had opportunities to work outside of school, including a job where she was a nanny to a girl with high functioning autism. Erin credits that experience with helping her decide on a major because it changed her world.

Get to know our Cengage student ambassador Erin Dougherty.

Get to know our Cengage student ambassador Erin Dougherty.

Working with her and seeing her progress motivated Erin to work hard. As a Speech Pathology major, Erin is preparing for a rewarding career when she graduates. More importantly, Erin will continue to impact lives just as she did when she was a nanny. Read more

Four Quick and Easy Recipes All College Students Should Make

Do you find yourself grubbing on food that has no nutritional value? As college students, we tend to leave healthy eating on the back burner. Get it, burner? But, we can’t survive our entire college careers on ramen noodles and hot pockets—although you might want to! It may be hard to cook a healthy meal every day, but there are quick, easy and healthy meals you can make without breaking the bank.

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

Learn how to make these empanadas and other recipes here!

If you have access to a stove and a little bit of thyme—last pun, I promise!—you’ll be in business with these four recipes: Read more

Why Are College Students Required to Take a Computing Course?

I’m in my Junior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio—majoring in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I’ve learned that knowing how to use Microsoft Excel, Access and Word is very important in today’s technologically-driven business world.

Take the lessons you learn from Computing courses with you beyond college.

Take the lessons you learn from Computing courses with you beyond college.

At Miami, all freshmen are required to take an intro to computing course called CSE 148. CSE stands for Computer Science Engineering. The thought  of taking this course initially freaked me out—I was totally intimidated—but luckily, we were assigned a project using Microsoft Word on the first day of class that seemed pretty easy. Read more

Feature Friday: Future Doctor, Motivated and Mindful Student Ambassador

Neha is a self-proclaimed math geek—and proud of it! Growing up the daughter of an engineer, she’s lived in Tennessee, Oregon, Washington and California, but made her way to Arizona, which is where she’s remained to pursue a degree in Kinesiology.

Get to know our student ambassador Neha!

Get to know our student ambassador Neha!

Currently, Neha is a Freshman, attending Arizona State University (Downtown Phoenix) and calls herself a “big math geek” who loves to figure out how stuff works. Ultimately she plans to become a Doctor of Osteopathy. Read more

Reflections from Freshman Year of College

I’m going to say it—freshman year is hard.

Take time to reflect on your own freshman year.

Take time to reflect on your own freshman year.

The entire year is a roller coaster, full of incredible highs you don’t want to come down from, and lows you don’t want to talk about. Read more

Transferring Colleges? Follow This Year-Long Game Plan

We’ve all seen university brochures. The smiling faces, the beautiful campus, the promises of the education of your dreams—it’s enough to make anyone swoon. However, transferring to the university of your choice is a process that’s anything but glossy.

It will take commitment and grit. Here’s a plan for your first year. Read more

4 Must-Need Tips as you Prepare for the GRE

Taking the GRE and applying to graduate school can be daunting. With the right tools and preparation, you can ace the GRE and complete your graduate school applications!

One tip as you prepare for the GRE? Get organized!

One tip as you prepare for the GRE? Get organized!

If you’re nervous and have no idea where to start, these tips will help prepare you: Read more

Make Any Place as Study Space

7 Ways Digital Makes Learning Fit Your Life

Technology. It’s completely transformed how we live—from how we communicate, to how we drive cars. But has it made learning more convenient? Heck yeah it has! Here are 7 Digital Life Hacks sure to make you a savvier student, schedule and all!

LIFE HACK #1: Make Any Place a Study Space

“I often use public transportation or walk while on campus, so during these travel times I use flashcards. It helps pass time and gives me extra study time.”

One billion things to do during the day, and studying is currently below eating and sleeping. Sound familiar? Fit it ALL in with digital! Mobile learning means you can master concepts on the move, and study where you stand—or sit! With digital, the world is your desk.

LIFE HACK #2: Study on the Run 

“Audio book – Love love love to listen to this while cooking, showering and especially while running on the treadmill at the gym.”Lifehack-2-150x150   

Imagine—your workout AND your homework done in time for Game of Thrones. For real. Audio books present course content in an engaging way, and let you tackle two things at once.   Thanks to digital, you can fit in studying, and fit in your new jeans!

LIFE HACK #3:  Quiz Yourself Ready

“I take the practice quizzes right before the actual in-class exam. It allows me to get a last-minute look at the material we’ve covered.”

Picture it: Exam day…

You: Hey Brain, remember studying this stuff?Study on the Go

Brain: Yup!

You: Awesome! What’s the answer?

Brain: Studying more before a test.

You: Cute.

 Preparation tools like practice quizzes let you put yourself to the test, right before you take it—so you can avoid awkward interactions like these.

LIFE HACK #4:  Pre-Game Your LessonsPre-game study builds confidence

“I usually have the book read aloud to me in my car before I am taught that concept in lecture. ”

That moment when your roommate asks YOU for help. The ReadSpeaker feature in MindTap enables you to have your book read to you to prep yourself for concepts before they’re covered in class—so you get it before your instructor gets to it. Warning: Increased confidence has been known to occur.

LIFE HACK #5: Focus Like a SenseiFocus like a Sensei

“I also really enjoy the weekly view on MindTap. I think it’s definitely underrated because it can tell me which assignments are due soonest and allows me to focus on those before I get lost in the master outline view.”

Need shiny objects to keep you focused? Then consider digital the gold medal of study resources. Digital organizational tools, like calendars and notifications, help you keep a level of focus that would make even Mr. Miyagi proud.

LIFE HACK #6: Let the Notes be Your GuideLet the notes be your guide

“When I have finished reading an entire chapter, I go back and take all of my highlighted information and notes and create a study guide.”

Have a serious case of “in one ear and out the other” syndrome? Fear not—a simple study guide compiling all the “notable” stuff makes for a nice go-to review resource. It’s sure to be the highlight of your preparation plan! See what we did there?

LIFE HACK #7: Stagger with Swagger

“I stagger my MindTap quizzes; I do the 5-question quiz over and over until I get 100%, then the 15-question quiz, then the 20, then the 40—all over and over until I ace them. Not only does this give me a Practice for the big dayconfidence boost, but it allows me to practice my test-taking skills.”

If at first you don’t succeed…well, you know the rest. Layering the length of your practice quizzes provides a more robust rehearsal for the big day. Just rinse and repeat ‘til you get it right and come test day, you’ll shine!

Barring a revolution of mutant, killer robots—it’s fair to say, technology makes life easier.

Have your own Digital Life Hacks to share? Submit your top tip or trick here. It might even make the website!


Adulting in College: What It Means and How to Master It

What does it mean to “adult” in the world? For a lot of college students, the idea of “adulting” can be intimidating and mysterious. The first time I had to adult in the real world was when I scheduled a doctor appointment without the help of my parents—even though I still texted my mom for some advice.

So, what is adulting? And how can you—as a college student—become well-versed in adulting? Read more