5 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Vacation

One of the best parts about being a college student is enjoying a few months of summer break! Have you considered what you’ll do for a summer vacation this year? If not, now is the time to do so.

Below we have a list of fun—and not crazy expensive!—ideas on how to enjoy yourself this summer. Read more

College Bucket List: 10 Things Grads Wish They Did in College

If you’re in the thick of finals it may seem hard to believe, but someday, after your college graduation, you’ll look back on your college years with fondness. Will you regret that you didn’t make the most of your time in college? I hope not.

As you approach your senior year, why not make a bucket list of things you want to be sure to do before you join the ranks of the employed? Read more

Before, During and After DIY Summer Break Projects

When it comes to summer break, many college students hit the open highway for a road trip. If you’re going on a trip with friends or relatives, you might want to have some ideas for entertaining everyone on the road.

Summer travel also presents the challenge of packing all the essentials you’ll need. Here are a few DIY ideas for making your road trip a fun one. Read more

5 Ways to Hit Your Rhythm after Spring Break

Spring break is probably the hardest time of the year to rebound from. We’re ¾ of the way through the school year and just finished up that brutal last round of midterms. Maybe some of us were lucky enough to catch some sun at the beach or finally catch up on all those shows we’ve been putting off.

Now comes the time to start hitting the books again but all our minds can think about is summer; what do we do? Read more

Best Shows/Movies to Watch on Netflix During Spring Break

It’s almost springtime, which means temperatures are rising, the flowers are starting to bloom, and pollen is under attack. Right now, many people who have issues with allergies are currently struggling to get through the day (trust me, I know)! So, if you are like me with allergies then you most likely want to stay in bed most of the day. Also, your spring break is most likely right around the corner as well. Most people may have plans and vacations, but if you’re like me then you’ll most likely be sitting at home while your siblings are still in school and your parents have to go to work. These scenarios tend to bring boredom into the picture as well…

Get your Netflix on this spring break! (Credit: Extreme Tech)

Get your Netflix on this spring break! (Credit: Extreme Tech)

but never fear Netflix is here to save the day!!! Read more

6 Spring Break Tips For Stress-Free International Travel

Some adventurous college students decide to travel international for spring break destinations for a memorable experience. You’ll learn about other cultures, eat exotic foods, and see beautiful scenery.

Travel with ease for your spring break trip. (Credit: Pexels)

Travel with ease for your spring break trip. (Credit: Pexels)

But traveling to another country can be a source of stress if not approached with careful planning and realistic expectations. Here are some tips for safety and CDC recommendations for international travel. Read more

DIY plans to get outside and off campus during winter break

The semester is coming to a close. When I was an undergrad, I only had a J-term course planned for one winter break of my four years. During my other three winter breaks, I got off campus—usually by going home, since in our residential college staying over winter break was a no-go. I got a holiday job working retail, but I also made sure to get outside and do things.

If you’re in an area where you can go out winter hiking, either from home or near your dorm, try spending some of the warmer days this winter outside and off campus, getting some space from your academics so you can work with a clearer mind in January. Read more

Traveling as a student: 4 things to prepare for before going on a trip

Whether it be before for a job, break, or vacation, traveling during a college semester is so much more stressful than it was in high school.

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

On your next trip, make sure you read these tips to have a successful time away: Read more

Every summer travel tip you will ever need to know

Like most college students, you’re going to cram as much as you can into your last month of summer before you head back to school. You may decide to travel, so I wanted to look at some safety precautions for you to keep in mind.

What are your summer travel plans? (Credit: Be A Green Commuter)

What are your summer travel plans? (Credit: Be A Green Commuter)

After all, the best way to end a trip is to arrive back home safe and sound. So let’s see how to stay safe while traveling. Read more

Looking for a little R&R this Spring Break?

The whole point of Spring Break is to enjoy a time of rest and relaxation. But almost since the idea of Spring Break began, college students have been seeking out fun ideas to make the most of their week away from classes.

Take some time to explore during spring break this year.

Take some time to explore during spring break this year.

No matter what your budget, read on for my best suggestions for creating a week to remember. Read more