College students—DIY ways to beat the winter blues

Whether you simply prefer the warmer months or you truly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD), the winter blues can be a real thing that affects up to one out of four adults, including college students.

So if you want to fight back this year, read on for some DIY tips on how to beat the winter blues. Read more

Top 5 CengageBrain blog posts for 2016

Happy New Year, college students! While another year has passed, we decided to take a little trip down memory lane and share the most read blog posts for 2016.

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6 New Year’s resolution ideas for college students

Like other people this time of year, college students are making their New Year’s resolutions for improving college life and academics and for setting goals for the New Year.

Here’s are DIY suggestions for making changes for a new year. Read more

7 ways to cultivate the art of happiness

Are you one of those people who just naturally exudes authentic happiness? I don’t know about you but I tend to be one of those people who could use a course in the art of happiness. Fortunately, there is a positive psychology movement that has been doing research to learn about what makes people happy.

One of the leaders of this movement is Martin Seligman who believes that we can learn to be happier. What are the benefits? Let’s take a look. Read more

Winter is coming! Life hacks for life on campus

It’s December, and winter is coming! If you live in a place of ice and snow, it’s the time of year to stock up on the types of things that will make life easier on campus. If you live in a suite, how can you make sure your toilet seat isn’t freezing first thing in the morning? Headed to a game and looking for ways to keep your feet warmer?

Worried about that exposed car on campus parking and how you’ll get your car going for that trek home from an evening lab? Check out these life hacks for some get-ready-for-winter tips! Read more

DIY study kit to prep for your final exams

Final exams! Not only do you have to gear up and study for the end of the semester, but you also have to survive it. I know that I sometimes let my stress get the better of me, and it’s really important to make sure I’m taking care of myself, or I end up with a cold at the worst possible time (like the morning of my final).

In order to make it through, consider making a survival study kit for finals week that has everything you need to make it through your final exams. Looking for other tips for finals as well? Read on! Read more

The coffee nap life hack: Fact or fiction?

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So when I first read about the coffee nap last week, I thought, this is one of those life hacks that’s totally proven false. But is it fact or fiction?

Find out if the coffee nap will work for you.

The jury is out about whether naps are good for you or whether they just mess up your sleep cycle (two recent CengageBrain posts weigh in with opposite perspectives there!), but it seems that scientists have come to a conclusion about whether or not the coffee nap actually works. College students in need of more sleep: read on! Read more

10 tips to stay healthy this winter

That crisp feeling in the air, the leaves turning colors can only mean that cold and flu season is on its way. It’s time for that flu shot but there are plenty of other things you can do to keep bugs and viruses from ruining your winter break.

Stay healthy this winter with our health tips. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Stay healthy this winter with our health tips. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Wash your hands often, eat a healthy diet and employ relaxation techniques to reduce stress. But wait, there’s more. In fact I have a whole list of ideas to help you stay healthy this winter. Read more

DIY tips to recover from sleep deprivation

A survey of more than 400 college students conducted by Chegg found that only 16 percent of students got eight or more hours of sleep a night. The survey also found that those sleepless nights are typically due to too much homework and too much attention to online entertainment.

If you are a typical college student dealing with sleep deprivation, you just want some DIY tips for how to recover and not doze off in class. I’ve got you covered. Read more

Things you need to know about the campus health center

Let’s face it—most college students would rather avoid the campus health center altogether. No one likes going to the doctor in the first place, and the health center isn’t like the family doc or pediatrician that you grew up with.

But when it comes to your physical well-being, and even your mental health, the campus health center wants the best for you, too. Read on for the things you need to know should you ever need to visit your college’s health services center. Read more