College Bucket List: 10 Things Grads Wish They Did in College

If you’re in the thick of finals it may seem hard to believe, but someday, after your college graduation, you’ll look back on your college years with fondness. Will you regret that you didn’t make the most of your time in college? I hope not.

As you approach your senior year, why not make a bucket list of things you want to be sure to do before you join the ranks of the employed? Read more

Uncover the Benefits to Study Abroad Programs

If you haven’t studied abroad but will soon, you’re in for an amazing adventure! Those who have done study abroad programs understand that there are some hidden benefits you must be aware of before departing for your trip across the ocean (or the border).

Below are a few I have come across during my trip abroad that might be beneficial to you. Read more

TOEFL Test Tips for English Language Fluency

Many college students from non-English speaking countries attend college in the United States. To assure they are ready for classes conducted in English spoken at an advanced level, the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) rates their fluency in English.

Learn more about the TOEFL test. (Credit: Careers 360)

Learn more about the TOEFL test. (Credit: Careers 360)

The standardized test measures the English language skills of non-native speakers who want to attend academic and professional institutions. Here is some basic information about TOEFL and tips for taking the test. Read more

Maximize your college credits with a J-term study abroad

Winter break can offer you some necessary down time, and if you aren’t already on a J-term, then you’re probably getting that break right now. But J-terms can be a great way to squeeze in that foreign study abroad opportunity when you don’t have any in-semester time to spare.

College students can get a lot out of spending their J-term abroad, so if you’re looking for college hacks to get some college credits under your belt without cramming your semesters too full, check out these ways you can use your winter break. Read more

Travel alerts hinder study abroad and international studies

Students interested in travel abroad programs, international studies and homestay trips will want to check with their colleges first. Many colleges and universities are taking the advice of the U.S. State Department’s travel alerts.

They are suspending or scaling back study abroad and international programs in countries with unrest, especially in the Middle East, in order to ensure the safety of their students. Why study abroad when there might be danger? That’s when students learn the most, some say. Read more

Traveling as a student: 4 things to prepare for before going on a trip

Whether it be before for a job, break, or vacation, traveling during a college semester is so much more stressful than it was in high school.

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

Credit: Natalie Schoenfeld

On your next trip, make sure you read these tips to have a successful time away: Read more

How does the Brexit vote affect British universities?

Think that the Brexit vote was just some political or trade thing involving the European Union and Great Britain? Can’t imagine how it might be of interest to college students? The landmark vote may have centered on issues of trade and immigration, but it also has the potential to seriously affect college students at British universities. How?

University leaders have warned about potentially ‘damaging’ effects for higher education if the UK voted for Brexit. (Credit: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)

University leaders have warned about potentially ‘damaging’ effects for higher education if the UK voted for Brexit. (Credit: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)

Leaving the EU is expected to affect research funding at universities, as well as result in tuition hikes for students among other things. So have a little sympathy for your brethren across the pond. Read more

What to know about vaccines for college students

Heading abroad for a summer term? If you’re traveling out of country, or just getting ready for next semester, now might be a good time to check on your immunization record. It’s important for college students to support herd immunity on campus–the more people who get vaccines, the less chance of anyone getting sick.

Are your vaccines up-to-date? (Credit: Upstream)

Are your vaccines up-to-date? (Credit: Upstream)

When you live in tight quarters like dorms, it’s really easy for colds (and more serious diseases) to spread around. If you can avoid an illness in college with a simple shot, it’s a no brainer–no one wants to spend finals week (or summer break) down with the measles. Read more

The pros and cons of study abroad

College is the time to spread your wings, experience new things and explore the world, right? One way that countless college students have done all that and more is through a study abroad experience (yours truly included!).

Are you considering a study abroad program? (Credit: Odyssey)

Are you considering a study abroad program? (Credit: Odyssey)

If you are considering studying overseas, you will hear a lot about the personal growth you will achieve, as well as the academic experience. Here are the things you need to know—pros and cons—to ensure that you make the most of your time outside the U.S. of A. Read more

Semester at Sea: pros and cons

Semester at Sea is a study abroad program that offers college students a trip around the world onboard a cruise ship with stops at various cities for day-long off-ship travel and learning opportunities. Run by the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE), the program is sponsored by the University of Virginia.

Find out if a semester at sea is right for you. (Credit: Carly Jurach. Property of SAS/ISE)

Find out if a semester at sea is right for you. (Credit: Carly Jurach. Property of SAS/ISE)

The sea semester programs run for the fall and spring semesters, each lasting about three months. Semester at Sea has attracted controversies in some high-profile cases of negligence and wrongful death. Here are some pros and cons of Semester at Sea. Read more