Dorm life and college roommates: How to find a roommate you can live with

Dorm life and roommatesIt used to be when you opted for dorm life that your college roommates were assigned to you. Good luck with that – rooming with a surprise stranger can lead to lifelong friendships or dreadful college semesters. The Internet has given students a new option: you can find a roommate online, then finalize the arrangement with your school. If you would rather live off-campus, you definitely have to hunt down your roommates yourself. You’ll need one or more roommates to share the cost of rent and utilities. Here are a few tips to on how to find a roommate that you can live with – and avoid roommates from hell. Read more

Packing tips if you are studying abroad

packing for a tripA semester or year abroad can be some pretty exciting stuff—new places, new faces and a chance to explore the world. But then you have to start thinking about what to take with you. Studying abroad should be about new experiences and learning new things, not about lugging everything you own along for the ride. Read on for some packing tips on what to take and what to leave behind. Read more

Tired of being harassed by your parents?

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