It’s Not Too Late! How To Painlessly Change Your College Major

Even though choosing a college major is a big decision, many schools require you to declare your major right away or after your first year. This is going to impact your future course requirements and set you up for life after college. However, not all college majors are going to work well for you.

And if you find that after a couple of years you’ve headed down the wrong path, what do you do? Read more

What to Know About Picking Your Major

If you have a major all picked out before you set foot on campus, great! For many, picking a major can be paralyzing. After all, this is a decision that can impact the rest of your life.

But deciding your future from the array of all the college majors can be made easier if you follow my simple how-to suggestions. Read on for the things you need to know about picking a major. Read more

Which types of degrees land you the best paying jobs?

I know that not everyone goes into college with the idea of linking what they are studying to their future earning potential. Nor do I think you should. However, that being said, the types of degrees you consider can have an impact on whether or not you land one of the best paying jobs.

Read on for insight into which majors can land you the highest salary. Read more

Change or stay: 5 tips to choosing a college major

College freshmen have an important decision when choosing a college major. Your major will help decide your future career. But luckily, you don’t have to make a hard and fast decision the minute you enter college. You can wait to decide, you can change your major even if you’ve already chosen one or you can stay with your original decision.

In my case, I knew what I wanted my major to be, but I added a double major my sophomore year. Here are five college tips to decide what to major in college and to determine the best major for you. Read more

10 do-it-yourself tips for academic goals in college

I was lucky in that I knew exactly what my personal goals were for college. But not every college student does. Figuring out what to study and how to work toward that degree several long years away can be daunting.

So here are some student educational planning tips and guidelines for a do-it-yourself plan to create educational goals and objectives, and suggestions to track your academic goals while in college. Read more

Career opportunities for an art degree

Some students think (and some parents fear) that getting an art degree means that you’ll spend your life trying to sell paintings or drawings on the sidewalk and live the stereotypical life of a “starving artist.”

Find out which jobs you can have that utilize your art degree. (Credit: Student World Online)

Find out which jobs you can have that utilize your art degree. (Credit: Student World Online)

In actuality, college students contemplating a bachelor of fine arts, or BFA, degree have far more career opportunities open to them than just being an art teacher or illustrator. An art education incorporates many skills and opens graduates up to a varied and fulfilling career. Read more

3 current trends in the college admission process

The college admission process can be a crazy and scary time—after all, you are basically using the next four years of your life to decide the rest of your life. Not to freak you out or anything … I know that the ins and outs of applying have changed.

The college admission process isn't what it used to be. (Credit: Yinyang, Getty Images)

The college admission process isn’t what it used to be. (Credit: Yinyang, Getty Images)

I’ve done some digging to find the three emerging trends that coming applicants may see when it comes to personalized learning, specialized degrees and the role of social media in their college experience. Read more

So, you want to hack the Pentagon?

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager reading a lot of science fiction, I thought that the life of a hacker must be pretty glamorous. There was something adventurous and rebellious about the idea of navigating cyberspace. While SFF still makes some great metaphors for hacking, most of the hackers you see in the news are the ones causing problems. The exception? The hackers of the Department of Defense Hack the Pentagon program—some of whom weren’t even college students yet, let alone professionals.

Find out here how to join Hack the Pentagon. (Credit: TechWorm)

Find out here how to join Hack the Pentagon. (Credit: TechWorm)

If you’re headed into a computer science major and want to test your own skills against the Department of Defense, here’s what you need to know about the Hack the Pentagon initiative. Read more

Pros and cons when choosing a college minor

While I have a double major with no minor, many college students are choosing a major with a minor. How important to your academics is it to have a college minor? Some colleges don’t even offer them.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of minors, and advice on types of degrees as well as choosing a minor. Read more

You ask, we answer: You’re in! Into some serious conversations with the parents!

Dear J,

I’m still in high school but I’m looking to attend college in the fall of 2016. The problem is, I just got my college acceptance letters and I got into all four Universities that I applied to! Sounds great, right? Well it’s not: My parents both want me to go to a certain one and there are two others that I got into that I’d rather go to. What do I do?


Jacob P


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! College is a great experience and you’re off to a good start with having options. Unbeknownst to you, you have already taken some steps to answer your own question. Read more