The College Student Guide on How To File Your Taxes

Do you need to file your income taxes? I wish I didn’t! But here’s the great thing about filing income taxes—there are good odds, especially as a college student, that you’ll get a return with some money back from what you’ve earned over the year.

Now is the time to file your taxes. (Credit: IRS)

Now is the time to file your taxes. (Credit: IRS)

If you’re wondering about how to file your taxes, or aren’t even sure if you need to file federal income taxes for 2016, check out these tax tips. Read more

It’s Time To Apply For The Disney College Program!

January 23, 2017, marked the opening day for college students to apply for the Disney College Program Fall 2017 internships. The program begins in late May to early June and ends in early January 2018. The Disney College Program is a semester-long, paid internship program where students work, study, and live at one of the Disney resorts (Orlando, Florida, or Anaheim, California) in the U.S.

The program is open to undergraduate college students who are enrolled at an institution of higher education for the fall semester. Read more

What to Know About Picking Your Major

If you have a major all picked out before you set foot on campus, great! For many, picking a major can be paralyzing. After all, this is a decision that can impact the rest of your life.

But deciding your future from the array of all the college majors can be made easier if you follow my simple how-to suggestions. Read on for the things you need to know about picking a major. Read more

Make Income Tax Filing Easy With These 3 Tips

Part of being an adult involves filing and paying your income tax. Tax rates for college students tend to be low because their income tends to be low. Your federal tax refund may be large or small depending on income, withholding and filing status.

Income tax e-filing is the safest way to file your tax return. Payment of income tax, if you end up owing, is another matter. Still, there are ways to take the stress out of tax time. Read more

Top 5 job interview tips

Being in college doesn’t only equate to studying for exams and writing research papers, but also preparing you for life in the real world once you graduate. Whether it’s for an internship or a job post-graduation, you will SOON need to be ready for a job interview.

Ace your job interview with our top tips. (Credit: The Balance)

Ace your job interview with our top tips. (Credit: The Balance)

Here we offer five of our top interview tips to help you get the internship or job of your dreams. Read more

Top 5 CengageBrain blog posts for 2016

Happy New Year, college students! While another year has passed, we decided to take a little trip down memory lane and share the most read blog posts for 2016.

Check out our countdown below to see which post you enjoyed the most over the year, too. Read more

6 New Year’s resolution ideas for college students

Like other people this time of year, college students are making their New Year’s resolutions for improving college life and academics and for setting goals for the New Year.

Here’s are DIY suggestions for making changes for a new year. Read more

Best ways to use (or not use) social media

I don’t know about you, but lately I find that I spend way too much time on social media. That would be okay if it helped me in school, starting a career or to get a job, but it’s mostly recipes and cat videos. At least I’m not hooked on games like Pokémon GO, I tell myself.

Is social media all a waste or is it helpful, too? I think that depends on how you use it. Read more

Which types of degrees land you the best paying jobs?

I know that not everyone goes into college with the idea of linking what they are studying to their future earning potential. Nor do I think you should. However, that being said, the types of degrees you consider can have an impact on whether or not you land one of the best paying jobs.

Read on for insight into which majors can land you the highest salary. Read more

Give back this holiday season—ideas for college students

‘Tis the time of year for gifts and parties and lots of merriment, but if you are interested in taking a more altruistic tack this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. Even college students may be searching for a way to give back as the year draws to a close.

Charitable giving and community service are great ways to help others, whether during the holidays or throughout the year. Read more